Everyone deserves dungarees!

Everyone deserves dungarees!

We’ve listened to your demands and now we’re excited to show our ‘official’ menswear range.

Actually all of our dungarees are unisex… 

Yes, that’s right. When we first created the Lucy & Yak dungas, we wanted to design a product that all genders can wear.

When we kicked everything off, all of our shoots focused on women wearing the dungarees. This was only because I was the model at the time haha! From there, everything just went crazy and we never really got the chance to tell you that men could wear them too.

Things haven’t calmed down at all, but we have managed to find the time to pull in a guy, the awesome Isaac, who looks fab in our dungas and trousers! 


We’re loving seeing what you guys think to the range so far, it’s great seeing you all embracing our style and doubling up with your partners and pals and wearing matching dungas - ultimate couple goals! 

Harriet Brooks

Bishop Please


NadiaaBut if you guys are feeling a bit skeptical, our dungarees have THE ultimate comfort factor! So whether you’re lounging about in the house, hopping on a plane for your next trip, or off to a festival for the weekend, our dungarees with their three pockets will be your new best friend.

And if you needed even more convincing, Ed Sheeran was recently spotted on Instagram wearing his very own pair of Lucy & Yak dungarees in his recording studio. You can’t get much cooler can you?

Time to join the #comfortmovement - Tag us in your photos on Instagram to win some Lucy & Yak tokens! 

We can’t wait to see you in them…


Lucy & Chris x