Born in 2017

Born in 2017 on a trip to India, a happy accident that has touched the lives of many around the globe. Our founders never dreamed that a simple design in their head, would become a staple in the wardrobes of many. Our Original Dungaree was where it all began, a shape like no other, allowing people to express their many different identities with versatility & colours for all!

Lucy & Chris our founders are from The North (UK), Lucy is from Barnsley and Chris is from Cumbria

They met Ismail in a rural village in Rajasthan. The connection was instant and they have become like family to each other. Ismail was a tailor by trade, he worked alongside two of his pals, the three of them together made small orders for the local market. The pay was low and the work was seasonal. 

Our founders had no desire to work with large established factories, they wanted to develop a strong emotional connection to the people that would be making the clothing, after many meetings, and no luck, they almost gave up to continue the rest of their trip and kill their idea. In the very last moment they met Ismail, he shared all of their values for fair pay and treating workers with respect, and so Lucy & Yak was born! 

They made the first 30 pairs together, sent them back to Lucy’s parents house. Took one sample of each colour to the foothills of the Himalaya’s and photographed them. They sold out on our Depop shop in minutes. That was the moment we realised we were onto something! We called Ismail so excited, he couldn’t believe it either. 

Today Ismail employs over a 100 people, he built a factory from scratch and has improved the lives of many in his village, with well paid, secure jobs. He has trained women from his village how to sew, giving them skills they didn’t have. 

Ismail and his team are woven into the core of Lucy & Yak and will always remain a part of our brand! But this is not where the story ends. Lucy & Yak has become so much more to so many people, it is a lifestyle where creative, kind people can come together to make small changes and in turn make the world around them a little bit brighter. 

We will always remember our roots, and will always strive to be a brand that is kind to people and the planet.