Doing Black Friday differently since 2018. 

For the sixth year in a row, this Black Friday we will be donating to the Fior Di Loto Foundation. 

We started working with FDL back in 2018, after we were introduced to them and saw the incredible work they do to better the lives of so many people. Not only does the foundation provide life-changing education for girls living in the villages surrounding Pushkar in Northwest India, but it continues to support them throughout university and beyond.

As this is our sixth year supporting Fior Di Loto, we wanted to do something extra special. And so we asked the girls to share some drawings with us of things that make them happy. Our design team then took these sketches and turned them into the Fior Di Loto Original Dungaree which is available now in GOTs Certified Organic Cotton Twill. 100% of the profits from our Fior Di Loto dungaree will go to the Fior Di Loto Foundation. Plus, between 21st and 27th November, a HALF of our profit across all of our products, will be donated to the Fior Di Loto foundation. 

This is more than just a dungaree to us, but is a symbol of the power of education and how important it is that as many people as possible, all around the world, have access to it. 

But Fior Di Loto’s good work doesn’t 

just stop at the school gates!  

🏡  Proactive in the community

Fior Di Loto doesn’t wait for the girls to come to them. They go out villages in the area to find girls who aren’t in school and speak to their parents (who often worry about paying for school uniform, lunches etc).

👥  After school support

From primary school to high school and beyond, Fior Di Loto support their students and help them with everything from getting their first job, moving to another city, and even paying their college fees.

📚 Students become teachers!

A lot of the teachers at Fior Di Loto used to be students themselves! It means the foundation is run by people who really get it and care about the school and the students.

💚  Looking after everyone

Fior Di Loto aren’t just helping girls in the area. They support widowed women who can’t remarry, rebuild houses and support women with sewing machines - as part of International Women’s Day.

Let’s look back at the wonderful work done by the Fior Di Loto Foundation since our 2022 campaign and the amazing things that have happened: 

  • 501 girls were given access to free education for a full year 
    • 1 student started attending Ajmer School for the Deaf
    • 2 students started attending Law School 
    • 1 student started attending university to study Nursing 
    • 1 student started attending university as a chartered accountant 
    • 111 food packages were supplied month for a whole year to students and their families
    • 501 Students received dresses and winter jackets for Diwali festivities
    • 153 Sewing machine we gifted to women, widows and students for International Women’s Day 
    • 28 babies were delivered safely and provided birth certificates
    • 100 women and students participated in a one year skills development programme 
    • 93 school uniforms (along with shoes and pencils) were supplied to an orphanage in Ajmer 

      So thanks again to everyone for your continued support for us here at Lucy & Yak and for Fior Di Loto. Here’s to many more girls going to school! 
  • We welcome feedback, if you have any feedback please email