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We had the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, and then we had the noughties. So, we can’t help but wonder what kinda decade we’re in now. The tens? The twenty-tens? It just doesn’t quite have that same ring to it, does it?!

Despite the fact that we’re in an era of technological change and environmental consciousness; we can’t help but look back on the past and feel something strange in the pit of our stomachs. No, it’s not the avocado latte we decided to try out at lunchtime. This is the pang of nostalgia hitting us right in the feels. It seems as though we’re not the only ones, however, as the ‘90s is coming back in a big way. It’s even affecting our clothing choices...

We long for how things used to be

Do you ever look back on your childhood and realise that you totally took it for granted? Yep, we now regret all of the times we kicked up a fuss and threw our toys (quite literally) out of the pram when our parents wanted us to take a nap - because we’d happily take ten naps right about now.

However, those days are now over, and adult life can be a little exhausting, especially when you try and keep up with the world around you. With the changing economy, unsteady political agendas and environmental threats, it seems as though we’re in a constant state of change.

One of the main reasons why we love ‘90s clothing so much is because we want to take it back to simpler times. We want to go back to the days where we could wear bright, patterned leggings, scrunchies and oversized jumpers, and not have a care in the world. Luckily, throwing on any of those things makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside again.

We dream of individuality

For many fashion lovers, choosing your outfit for the day is like creating your own little piece of art. It’s a way to show off who you are, what you’re about, and your own individual style. However, it can sometimes be difficult to show off this unique style in 2018. If you limit your shopping habits to the high street, you’ll probably be faced with the same colours, the same cuts, and the same garments in almost every shop. You might even walk past someone in the street who’s wearing the same outfit as you!

That’s because ‘Fast Fashion’ and modern trends have taken over the world - or, at least, most of it. There are still independent shops and vintage emporiums across the country that dedicate their lives to retro and handmade clothing that is one-of-a-kind. This gives you the chance to mix up your outfit, show off your personality, and embrace the past.

We love the comfort of it all

If you cast your mind back to the awesomeness of the ‘90s, you might remember that this era was all about oversized clothing and wearability. In fact, this decade basically invented the comfort movement. MC Hammer got his groove on in his harem pants. Denim could ONLY be worn if it was distressed and not figure hugging. If you bought a checkered shirt it had to be at least two sizes too big, and it was almost socially unacceptable to buy a jumper that wasn’t oversized. Things may have changed a lot since this era but that doesn’t mean we can’t grab our clothing time machine and take it back to the comfortable 90s.

Here at Lucy & Yak, we’re totally feeling this 90s nostalgia - but instead of playing Shania Twain on repeat (actually, we still do this) and crying over pictures of the young Leonardo DiCaprio (okay, we still do this too), we decided to do something about it. Yep, our clothing is the epitome of everything we loved about the ‘90s.

Luckily, we’re not the only ones as we see more and more of you embracing the 90s and the epic fashion that came with it. In fact,
we have a nostalgia-filled photoshoot coming up very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
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