A Very Merry Re:Yak

A Very Merry Re:Yak

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but there’s nothing wonderful about all the waste created over the festive season!

Research also shows that the amount of card material (from packaging and greeting cards) used at Christmas would stretch between London and Lapland (and back again) over 100 times*.

*Check out more facts, tips and information around holiday waste at https://www.gwp.co.uk/guides/christmas-packaging-facts/

With all this in mind, we decided to put our heads together at Lucy & Yak HQ to share a few tips and tricks to help you cut down on festive waste, for a happy holiday that’s kinder to our planet:

  • Ditch the sticky tape this year and opt for a string to tie up those loose paper ends. Not only will this eco-friendly gift wrapping give your presents a classic look, but it will mean you can re-use your wrapping paper without it getting torn and ruined. Make your gifts extra festive by tying a small branch from your Christmas tree to the string!
  • Make the switch from single-use, non-recyclable wrapping paper to more sustainable reusable fabric wraps. Our Sari bags are PERFECT for reusing again and again for gifts, or you could pick up one of our fab deadstock fabric tea towels for wrapping paper that doubles up as an extra present!
  • Hang on to any nice boxes, bags or packaging you’ve received as a gift to reuse next year. In fact, our L&Y delivery parcels make a great wrapping choice.
  • You could even forget non-recyclable wrapping paper altogether, and make the switch to a stocking! Who doesn’t love a full stocking under the Christmas tree? Plus they will last for years to come.
  • Quality not quantity! Over half of UK adults say they have received gifts they don't want at Christmas. One or two quality items that are built to last are far more thoughtful than gifts that will go to waste. If you do find yourself with gifts you don’t want or need, why not donate them to charity? Where someone else may love to receive them.
  • Any Christmas cards you receive can easily be turned into gift tags for your presents. Simply separate the decorative front of the card from the back and use scissors or a paper guillotine to cut the design into squares and rectangles.
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