How to Tie the Straps on your Dungarees!

How to Tie the Straps on your Dungarees!

Yak Hacks: How to tie your straps!

This is a question we get asked a lot. How do you tie those dungaree straps!?

There are heaps of different ways to tie your straps - from a simple knot to the little bows, which look tricky, but after a few practices tries you'll be a pro!

Don't forget though, L&Y dungarees are all about being your own unique you - here's two ways to tie them, but there are plenty of other ways and all types of creativity and personalisation are always welcome!

[Video Description - a portrait view of the bib, pocket, loop and strap of our Green Bay dungarees, styled with our pink rollneck top underneath. The strap goes through the loop from back to front and lays flat. It's then pulled round the outside of the dungarees and wrapped around, behind the strap and over to the middle of the dungarees. Then the end of the strap goes through the hole you created, and pull tight! There you have a classic knot. The second bow design is achieved with the same starting point, but in this version you pinch together the remaining strap to make a folded tab and push this through the hole you've made. Pull this tight and you have a bow!]

Here's our co-founder Lucy showing everyone at our Brighton Store launch how to tie their straps! If you're nearby, pop on down and we can always give you a hand with tying your straps if you need it!

Have you found some creative ways of tying your straps? Tag us in your insta posts and we can share your ideas too!

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