Every Black Friday we donate a percentage of profits to give girls in India the education they deserve.

For those who’ve just joined the Yak Community (welcome!), here’s everything you need to know about Fior Di Loto Friday:

Fior Di Loto is a charitable foundation mainly focused on providing an education and improving the living conditions of more than 700 girls living in the villages surrounding Pushkar, Rajasthan, in Northwest India.⁣ A region very close to our hearts and the same village Ismail makes your Yaks!

When we first met the founders, Deepu & Mara, four years ago, it’s safe to say we were blown away by what they have achieved. We knew right away that we wanted to contribute to the success of their story, and we also knew that we wanted to offer all you lovelies a way to do Black Friday differently. Just like that, Fior Di Loto Friday was born! For us, it’s an opportunity to do something positive, and to help give girls a vital education.

But Fior Di Loto’s good work doesn’t 

just stop at the school gates!  

🏡  Proactive in the community

Fior Di Loto doesn’t wait for the girls to come to them. They go out villages in the area to find girls who aren’t in school and speak to their parents (who often worry about paying for school uniform, lunches etc).

👥  After school support

From primary school to high school and beyond, Fior Di Loto support their students and help them with everything from getting their first job, moving to another city, and even paying their college fees.

📚 Students become teachers!

A lot of the teachers at Fior Di Loto used to be students themselves! It means the foundation is run by people who really get it and care about the school and the students.

💚  Looking after everyone

Fior Di Loto aren’t just helping girls in the area. They support widowed women who can’t remarry, rebuild houses and support women with sewing machines - as part of International Women’s Day.

We welcome feedback, if you have any feedback please email positivechange@lucyandyak.com