Artists & Yak

Artists & Yak

We’ve been super lucky to collaborate with a load of inspiring, creative and just plain amazing people in 2022 – and it’s still only October!

In case you’re new to the Yak Community, we LOVE to collaborate with artists on new prints – bringing together distinctive personalities and styles that represent the Yak spirit while keeping things feeling fresh and exciting.

Here’s three of the latest fab creative folk we’ve just teamed up with recently:


Lauren Marina is a freelance artist, illustrator, and pattern designer living by the seaside in Dorset, UK. Her work is largely inspired by nature and folklore, creating a tranquil and soulful mood with her bold black and white drawings.


Madeleine is a Brooklyn-based designer and illustrator. She has a vibrant and playful aesthetic and she is often inspired by vintage design and typography. With a focus on illustration and branding, Madeleine is always eager to collaborate with passionate people and brands!


Emma is a designer from Cambridge UK, living in Lisbon, Portugal. Her Mozambican side (courtesy of her Mum) inspires much of the colour and forms of her work, but she is also enamoured with the natural world – especially flowers which feature in many of her designs. One sentiment she tries to carry across in her work is honouring life with beauty, something she adopted from her African studies. Working with Lucy and Yak has been a dream for her (her words not ours!) and she can't wait to wear her designs in real life.

Fancy creating your own artist collab with Lucy & Yak?

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