We’re SO excited to share our latest collection with you - when he got in touch, we couldn’t say no – it’s… 

Ed Sheeran!

We've teamed up to design an exclusive Limited Edition capsule collection of organic items - inspired by the artwork from his latest album as he embarks on his sell-out Mathematics tour.  

The collection – featuring organic dungarees, hoodie, tee and a dead-stock bucket hat - has been created for fans of both Ed and Lucy & Yak: ‘Sheerios’ and ‘Yakkers’.  A longtime fan of Lucy & Yak, having rocked our original dungarees, Ed wanted to partner on a collection that brings together his love for his fans and our iconic dungas!

Ed loves Dungy Mondays...

Lucy Greenwood, co-founder of Lucy & Yak, said:

“The butterfly used in Ed’s album artwork holds a really special meaning to him, and so we’re honoured to be able to bring this to life as part of such a special collection of Yaks - particularly as we know that Ed shares our passion for doing better for the environment.”

“We’ve been fans of Ed for over a decade, so when he got in touch we were delighted to be able to collaborate on a collection which brings Sheerios and Yakkers together - they’re at the very heart of the collection, and we had an amazing time working with Ed’s incredible fans to model the pieces too!”

Elspeth Mills, lead print designer at Lucy & Yak:

“When I first heard we had the chance to design a collection alongside Ed Sheeran, I couldn’t wait to bring his vision to life in our own distinct Lucy & Yak style. Drawing on the artwork from Ed’s Equals album, I blended this with my own drawings to create something unique but that also appealed to both Sheerios and Yakkers alike. ”

“The butterfly is central to Ed’s artwork as it reflects his growth over the years, so we immediately knew that we wanted to make this central to the theme of the collection – a symbol that represents something people can relate to everywhere”

We welcome feedback, if you have any feedback please email positivechange@lucyandyak.com