Recycled Cotton Statement

We're trialling recycled cotton!

Recently we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop our own circular-focused Yak Strategy.
There’s three key pillars; Fairly made Yaks, (supply chain and products), Circularity focused Re-Yaks (product lifecycle) & People first Yak Behaviour (Business behaviours – HR focused). As we speak, we’re rolling this out to colleagues and suppliers.

As part of our Re-Yak strategy and our mission to become an even more circular brand, we’ve been really excited to start exploring using recycled cotton for our Yaks. Saving water, giving used fabric a new lease of life, and saving energy that would have been used to grow virgin organic cotton. 

This is an ever evolving journey for us, we’re not perfect. We’re currently in the process of trying new fabrics for the future. In this case, we’ve started to introduce recycled cotton into a few of our products. Currently, recycled cotton needs to be mixed with conventional cotton to ensure the strength and integrity of the garment. This is why we’ve used 25% recycled cotton, to ensure the longevity and life span of the product, helping us to achieve our our circular mission.

We are hoping to increase the percentage of recycled cotton and continue to explore new fabrics. 

This is our first trial of recycled cotton, on only 3 products, on one order - and we welcome and will listen to all feedback to keep working with our community and pushing our mission forward. Please email with any feedback. 

Moving forwards we are completing testing and research much further ahead for fabric development, taking place at least 2 seasons in advance.

This is going to be a continual project with us researching and testing out how we can introduce recycled fibres into our products in the best way possible.