Black-Owned Businesses Part 2 – Creatives, Platforms, Consultants and Educators

Black-Owned Businesses Part 2 – Creatives, Platforms, Consultants and Educators

We wanted to continue to champion individual talent, and celebrate innovative ideas from the Black community. We've collated a further directory of Black-owned businesses, from illustrators to photographers, consultants, educators and creatives of all kinds. Some that we've been fans of for a while and others from your recommendations.

Following and investing in a diverse range of people and their work is a good place to start, but it must go further than this. Racism is a deep-rooted problem and the actions we impose have to have sustenance and depth in order for real change to occur.

We shared a video by Brandon Goodman this week where he spoke the very true words ‘change needs commitment, and then it needs recommitment’.

So, we are taking time this Sunday to reflect on some other tangible, productive ways we can be allies to Black people, communities, and businesses. Being an ally is an investment, so please use our blog and directories as a starting point, and then do more.

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Illustrators and Designers

Kafi Kafi co - Vibrant designs and colourful patterns, and leafy joy!

Laci Jordan -

Laci is an artist and creative director currently living in Los Angeles. Her brand ‘So Laci Like’ is a creative space with no censor or filter. Laci’s inspiration for her work is the lack of visibility of Black women creatives in the industry. Some of her prints are on sale on her website

Wild Logic by Edinah - a multi-disciplined artist and designer using mixed mediums to visually communicate her work. ‘I design intending to inspire others while creating positive social impact;. -


Not Just a White Wedding - This Husband & Wife duo are on a quest to ensure Black couples are represented in the wedding industry.

Salsabil Morrison is a wedding photograher based in Norfolk, England but available worldwide. Salsabil aims to capture the day you have always dreamed of and to tell your story in the most extraordinary way. She also does beautiful portrait photography at @theedit_by.salsabil

Josephine Elvis Photography

Jo Elvis is a London wedding photographer who loves photo story telling, especially tales of love and specialises in alternative weddings. She is dedicated to letting her clients take the lead and do things their way. ‘My favorite weddings to shoot are those that represent you as a couple, rather than traditions or trends. There’s so much more to see, to feel, and to immortalize that way.’


Florence Lucky @florencelucky

Based in Sweden, Florence’s creativity shines through in her fun, colourful make-up looks. Follow her journey into the make-up world on her instagram!

Joy Adenuga

Joy may be a well known name to you if you're involved in the make-up world. Committed to celebrating the skin you are in. Joy’s make-up looks are all about self-expression and confidence. Educator, mentor, and content creator Joy’s instagram feed is full of amazing makeup looks, tutorials and more.


Malene Barnett - Brooklyn based artist sharing her African heritage with the world. Creating a vast range of pieces from sculptures to deepen her understanding of her cultural identity.

Sharon Walters

Sharon is the creator of ‘Seeing Ourselves’, Celebrating Black women through art - check out her stunning pieces here:

@london_ artist1

Charlotte Edey

Charlotte Edey is an artist & illustrator working across print, textile and embroidery. Symbolism and myth inform her interdisciplinary exploration of the intersections of identity and the spiritual. The experience of womxn of colour is centered in her commentary on the politics of space. Her dreamy scapes are equally calming and intriguing, and her colour palette and tapestries are stunning.

Sarina Mantle - Wild Suga

Sarina is artis, designer, and author of The Selfcare Colouring book - Women+ Patterns + Plants. Sarina describes her work as art for the mind, body & soul.

Kitsch Noir

@KitschNoir is a black owned greeting card brand on a mission to share the love, laughter and power of Black-British experience. Cherelle, the founder and designer of each card aims to celebrate the beauty of a more inclusive, and diverse society through her work.

Shop their website here

Lulu Kitololo Creative Studio

@lulukitololo - Using creativity to help you thrive - Lulu is an artist and designer, aiming to inspire and support other African and diaspora creatives to create the businesses and lives they want. She offers wonderful branding and voice for people who dream of making a living from their creativity but who don’t know where to start.


Janet's List

Janet’s List is a curated platform that uses innovative approaches to connect consumers with brands by black women and women of colour from the UK. They do this through unique pop up concept stores in mainstream city locations, strategic retail partnerships and their direct-to-consumer website. Janet’s List recently curated the first ever virtual marketplace for the WOW Global Festival.

Businesses by black women and women of colour face hurdles when it comes to visibility, access to funding and access to retail opportunities. At the same time, it can be challenging for people who are intentional about supporting authentic, independent, female + black or WoC brands to find these excellent brands. Janet’s List takes an aspirational and positive approach in tackling these challenges.



Space 58

A co-working space in Streatham, London.

Saffron Records

A social Enterprise and artist development platform challenging the current climate of the music technology industry, Working to support women and gender minorities in music and music tech.


Ateh Jewell

Ateh is a speaker, consultant and journalist specialising in Beauty. Her mission is to champion more diversity within the beauty industry. Inspired by her daughters, Ateh didn’t want her girls to grow up in a world that made them feel insecure about their hair, beauty and identity. Her website, Jewel tones Beauty is a hub of creativity and education on beauty for darker skin tones. Ateh also works as a social media content and strategy consultant through her digital agency.

The Bristol Homeopath - @bristolhomeopath

Take the path to happier skin - Natalie is a qualified homeopath who specialises in addressing skin issues, hormonal problems and anxiety.

Natalie has weekly newsletters which explore all things skin, and offers a free 30m chat to talk through your skin complaints.

Parent Partnerships is a consultancy platform founded by Kamilah Bonfield, that helps parents feel more confident with the National Curriculum. Parent Partnerships aims to bridge the gap between parents and schools and increase parental engagement in their children's learning journey in and out of school. Parent Partnerships encourages Parents and children to work collaboratively through workshops, afterschool clubs and home tutoring sessions. Their Instagram is full of top tips of how to support children with home-learning which is especially helpful at the moment.

Emma Slade Edmondson is a sustainable fashion guru and owner of a leading social media consultant agency. Emma’s instagram is the perfect combination of home truths and positivity! She really knows her stuff when it comes to social media, and it’s more than evident that she has an eye for ethical style. Emma has over 10 years expertise in fashion and marketing, and offers change-making consultancy on a freelance basis. You can check out her website here.

SevenSix Agency

Diversity-focused Social Media & Influencer Marketing Agency, founded by the wonderful Marketing Consultant and Sustainability Advocate Charlotte Williams - (@charlottesevensix) At the centre of their campaigns is people, faces, colour, responsibility. As a woman of colour, Charlotte is conscious of the fact that in far too many cases the absence of diversity and equality is prevalent in marketing today.

Charlotte also co-hosts @sustainablyinfluenced which guides people through the minefield of sustainability.

Jamie Walker - The Unwedding Wedding Wedding Celebrant.

Jamie is a celebrant based in Norfolk who specialises in modern weddings! Her focus lies with celebrating the couple and their love, rather than sticking to outdated traditions. Jamie and her couples create bespoke ceremonies that suit them. In the past Jamie has led a gin blending ritual as part of a wedding!

Jamie the Unwedding Wedding Expert, smiling by a barn in a yellow dress, white top and fun colourful trainers

Yema Ferreira

Facilitating Black Girl Magic. Culturally appropriate psychotherapy and life coaching for Black and African women. Yema is an Angolan healer, psychotherapist and life coach. Her practice seeks to spiritually liberate Black and African people to heal the collective trauma resulting from slavery, colonisation and neo-coloniallism. Yema has worked with migrant women, survivors of domestic violence and has worked through trauma, anxiety, low self esteem and depression with her clients.

Fix & TWC - Total Watch Care - Tech and luxury watch repair shop in Streatham

"Offering full horology watch repair services, our team is fully skilled to undertake any kind of watch repairs, watch cleaning andinspection on many watch brands. Our service is fast and efficient in store and via email. We offer a wide range of adjustments and repairs - many jobs can be completed same day.

We have a friendly staff and are passionate about delivering the best and widest range of niche and established international watch and tech brands. We stock a unique range of contemporary watches combined with a buying experience enhanced by innovative technology. Being a passionate Horologist, our staff are well verse with our products, we pride ourselves on our technical knowledge of the products we sell and we take care to learn about all our watches, inside and out."

58 Streatham High Rd, Streatham, London SW16 1DA

All of our directories are a work in progress and will be ongoing and added to, if you have any suggestions of people and businesses for us to include, please contact us.

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