‘Vulvarees’, Period Prints and a bloody real chat about it all!

‘Vulvarees’, Period Prints and a bloody real chat about it all!

Suuper excited to share the launch of our latest limited edition collection of ‘Vulvarees’ and Period inspired prints, designed in collaboration with real vulva and period advocates.

Following on from the success of our first limited edition Vulva dungarees in 2020, we’re carrying on the conversation around vulva stigma and period positivity with a new Vulvaree & Period edit, and a live panel event.

Working closely with the talented Kelly Malka and Sam Dawood, the latest prints are not only eye-catching, but designed to spark conversation. The collaboration with Sam Dawood is purposefully genderless, with a red colour pallet that challenges the stigma around bleeding during your period, while Kelly Malka’s playful design highlights how no one Vulva is the same.
Alongside the launch, we will also be making a donation to ‘Hey Girls’, a social enterprise on a mission to eradicate UK period poverty, improve access to quality products & increase education around period health.

To kick off the campaign and to get people talking, we’re hosting ‘Bloody Real Chats #InMyYaks’ at our much loved Brighton store, with a diverse panel made up of trans advocates, sex educators, artists and Yak staff talking openly and honestly around period poverty and awareness, Vulva stigma and more – with questions asked by our always lovely and always engaged community of real Yakkers.

At a time when the cost of living crisis is forcing millions of people to make difficult choices when it comes to period products, menstruation is still a topic many shy away from, while transgender and nonbinary menstruators are underreperesented. We believe it’s important to play our part in encouraging more open,honest and inclusive conversations.

We’ve pulled together a few articles and links to great organisations doing amazing work to raise awareness around period poverty & stigma, vulva awareness and more:


Young women are increasing their risk of late diagnosis of diseases such as ovarian cancer because they are too embarrassed to say the word "vagina", experts have warned.


Every day, millions are likely to be making decisions about whether to buy food or menstrual products

Period poverty in the UK has been exacerbated by the cost of living crisis, charities warn

'We Need to Stop Associating Periods With Womanhood'


Bloody Good Period

Hey Girls

The Homeless Period

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