How to buy dungarees online [look and feel good with  Lucy & Yak]

How to buy dungarees online [look and feel good with Lucy & Yak]

Dungarees have come in and out of fashion over the past few decades, but in recent years they’ve become a style staple for all seasons and the fashion darling for all the right reasons.

After all, dungarees can be fun and playful and when with the right attitude, these beauties will help your earn some serious sartorial stripes too.

Brief History of Dungarees

First things first, where did dungarees come from and how come we cannot imagine our world without them now?

With humble origins, dungarees were first worn as work overalls in the 18th century, continuing through to the First World War when many women working in factories wore dungarees as protective uniform.

From workwear to casualwear: during the 1950s and 1960s dungarees entered into the realm of fashion, with a generation of baby boomers wearing the garment as a symbol of rebellion. They briefly rose in popularity again during the 80s as famous figures such as Kylie were seen sporting dungarees.

From the early 2000s dungarees re-entered mainstream culture and are now more on-trend than ever before.

Versatile and easy to wear, it’s no surprise that dungarees have become a favourite with celebrities and fashion influencers these days. From British Vogue’s Alexa Chung to NYC favourite Lena Dunham, celebrities have embraced this simple yet stylish piece of clothing.

From cotton dungarees for the summer to cord dungarees for the winter, they are easy to wear dressed up or dressed down, look perfect paired with t-shirts, bretons or blouses, trainers, sandals or heels.

With so many styles from loose to regular fit and fabrics from corduroy to cotton to choose from it can be a tricky task finding a dungaree that’s right for you. To help, we have out this super handy post to buying dungarees online, so you can find the perfect pair!

Which Dungaree Style to Choose?

Lucy and Yak Dungarees Ethical Fashion UK Designer Womens

Because there are a few - Lucy & Yak have over 15 styles to choose from.

‘The Original’ Dungarees - our best-selling corduroy dungaree to date

Our very first ever design ‘’The Original Lucy & Yak’’ Corduroy dungarees are made in a variety of colours and with ultimate comfort in mind. Our aim was to create a dungaree that looks amazing on everyone, and with over 5,000 positive reviews it is our best-selling product today.

This loose fitting dungaree has the perfect shape, they accommodate big hips and bum, while also allowing girls out there who have a slender figure to look amazing and give the illusion of a curvier shape. The structured fabric means they sit nicely and the tapered ankles and loose fitting legs, mean comfort without losing the amazing shape. They have our signature self-tie straps meaning you have a lot of flexibility.

worn by @suze_ofellows

‘Umi’ Dungarees- these dungas are as individual as you are

Made from a beautiful handwoven cotton, these are the same shape and style as ‘The Original’. They accommodate hips and bum nicely, and again look amazing on all body shapes. The lightweight breathable fabric however makes them perfect for spring/ summer season and they hang nicely, meaning they don’t look as oversized as our corduroy ones. These also have our signature self tie straps, some girls like to wear the bib pretty low and others much higher, either way you have the choice!

‘Luna’ - means moon, so expect serious feminine style

We call this gorgeous dungaree the adventurous sister of our other dungarees. Luna has very low cut sides, with an almost fully open back, meaning you can dress her up a little more provocatively if you like. Turning dungarees into a comfy yet stylish item for a night on the town - especially when accessorised with a mesh t-shirt.

We have designed Luna with an hour glass shape, again creating an illusion of hips and bum if you don’t have them, or accommodating them if you do. The cropped style means that they look amazing with sandals and heels, as well as your Dr Martens. The low cut sides mean Luna isn’t for everyone, but the shape will pull In your waist and hug those gorgeous curves nicely.

‘Limited Edition’ Dungarees - when they are gone, they are gone!

We like to keep it fresh so we bring out new Limited Edition dungarees all the time. It’s nice to know that as we grow, you still won’t see thousands of people wearing the same as you.

With our limited editions this is impossible as we only make a small number of them. Meaning you can own a unique pair! The shape and style is usually that of either ‘The Original’ or ‘Luna’ depending on the fabric. For the heavier fabrics we tend to use ‘The Original’ design and for lightweight fabrics we go for the ‘Luna Design’. Each fabric is different and creates a new dungaree with its own character. The only downside is we cant always offer our limited edition in every size.

Mums-to-be LOVE Lucy & Yak Dungarees

When we designed our dungarees we did think how amazing they are going to be for mums-to-be and new-mums out there. We know how the ‘Maternity’ fashion lines can be - a lot of the time comfort is the only thing that seems to have been given any thought. Which is fab, you mums need to be comfy!

worn by @just_another_mum_blogger

But why compromise on style? You still want to feel good and look good! And how nice would it be if you could still wear the trends that everyone else is wearing! Well with Lucy & Yaks you can. We don’t offer a bespoke maternity dungaree, but the shape and style of our dungarees mean that if you just size up, there should be plenty of room for you and the bump. We have many new mums-to-be that find them an amazing fit and super comfy. And due to the shape you may still find they look pretty good after the birth too. With our self tie straps and loose fit, they are comfy and fully adjustable, meaning you can wear them however you like.

For you new mums out there who cant bear to buy anymore clothes that won't fit you again in a few weeks due to the baby weight falling off, you will find these dungarees are so versatile and will probably look great even as your body is constantly changing shape. And for breast feeding the loose fit means you can just slip to strap of the shoulder, and in no time have your little one fed.

For the early stages of your pregnancy our ‘Luna’ dungarees are perfect, they have a little extra room and can accommodate a small bump. They are a lightweight twill cotton which is the perfect alternative to denim.

As that bump starts to get bigger our ‘Umi’ or ‘Originals’ offer much more room. They have been designed to be oversized so they will accommodate a small bump in your usually size, but as the bump grows, sizing up will give you much more room for the two of you, and may also see you right through to the birth. Of course everyone grows to different shapes and sizes so we cant guarantee they will be right for everyone, but so far the feedback has been great.

More about Lucy & Yak Dungarees - how we design and create them and why being fair is important

All Lucy & Yak dungarees are designed in the UK by our business founders Lucy and Chris who take inspiration from their own life and travel. Comfort is one of the most important things to both of them as they travel a lot.

This is why every design has to be comfy as well as stylish. They wanted to create an ethical clothing brand that everyone wants to wear.

‘We can't change the world if noone likes the designs, but if everyone likes the designs, then we can help people make the right choices’

Lucy, Co-Founder, Lucy & Yak

It is for this reason that our clothes are created with both style and ethics in mind. We aim to bring out beautiful clothing that makes you happy using high-quality materials that you don’t have to pay a fortune for. What’s more, we treat everyone that’s involved in the production of our clothes fairly - from our own team in the UK to communities in rural India, we make sure everybody is looked after.

Lucy and Yak ethical clothing dungarees

We produce all clothes using high-quality cotton, meaning dungarees and dresses look great wash after wash, don’t shrink in size and keep bringing you joy every time you wear them.

With our main range handmade in North India, we work closely with family businesses that pay their tailors four times the state minimum wage and who enjoy space to work comfortably, in a clean and safe environment.

All our designs are ethically produced, we know each tailor personally. We are also working hard to introduce our new Organic collection. By the end of 2018 more then 50% of our range will be made from 100% Organic cotton and other ethical materials. Watch the space!

Ready to shop online with Lucy & Yak?

Whether you’re looking for a loose or regular fit, cotton or corduroy dungarees, gorgeous pattern or block colour, something outthere like tartan dungarees or denim-looking twill ones, our variety of ethically made ranges will look great and are made to last.

Our aim is to produce clothes that makes you feel amazing and also delivers opportunity for everybody involved in the process to be happy too.

Ready to find something incredible in our range? Have a look at our full range here.

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