Partners in India

We think everyone involved in the production of Lucy & Yaks should be treated fairly. The working conditions and pay of all those that work hard to make Lucy & Yak a possibility is the most important thing for us. We have visited every factory in India that we use in the final garment making process of each Lucy & Yak. We know the factory owners, we have personally inspected the factories and we have met the workers on the ground. It takes a lot of time and its not easy, but holy moly its worth it!

Ismail & Peeru - Brothers Collection - Rajasthan

ismail Lucy and Yak dungarees

 Lucy and Yak dungarees brothers collection

Arun - Spirit Clothing - Utter Pradesh

chris Lucy and yak spirit clothing 

lucy and yak spirit clothing

lucy and yak spirit clothing

Anand and his brother - Sarbi Apparel - Utter Pradesh

chris Lucy and yak sarbi apparel

lucy and yak anand sarbi apparel

 women at sarbi lucy and yak

tailor lucy and yak sarbi