Let's Talk Launches

Let's Talk Launches

We love that the Yak Community cares so much about how their clothes are made, the processes behind launching products, and how we do business in general.

All questions are welcome! But one question we often get is around how and why we drop new products in the way we do. We always want to be as transparent as we can with our customers, we are a fast growing brand and we are expanding our product offer each year to cater to our ever growing diverse community of Yakkers. Whilst growing into new categories (PJ’s, outwear etc), we also want to make sure we’re bringing you new and exciting colours and prints of our timeless heroes. 2023 is set to be a big year for this, with exciting developments meaning we’re changing our approach to launches for the better. Here’s everything you need to know.

Finally! We have A NEW warehouse

One of the main issues affecting how we launch products has always been the size of our warehouse. As it stands we currently don’t have the space to sit on products and launch full collections together (Yaks are sitting outside our current warehouse in shipping containers and tents!).

We design collections to be seen together to tell a story, so our current process isn’t ideal for us either, BUT, we are beyond pleased to share that we’re finally moving into a shiny new warehouse around April/May. Not only does a bigger warehouse mean we’ll have a lot more control over how we launch our Yaks, it also allows us to grow as a brand, and give more people access to Lucy & Yak!

We know it can be frustrating to buy an item, then discover a new drop a few weeks later that you would have preferred. With this in mind, moving forward we’re aiming for collections to drop within the space of a week, so you can see everything at once and pick out the items you want to spend your hard earned money on.

In Spring/Summer we’re also looking at launching categories as a whole - for example you’ll see all our new dungarees for the season around the same time (although we’ll still have some special artist collabs throughout the year launching in isolation so that we can give them the space they deserve). We’re not perfect, and Yaks do have a habit of arriving late! But we hope this will be a real improvement upon our current process.

Avoiding stress for our team

While you’ll start to see more collections being dropped together, we will still have a steady flow of stock arriving each week of new items or restocks, these will just appear on our website or in our stores without much mention from marketing. This will ensure a steady flow of work that doesn’t overload our warehouse and factory teams.

Expanding our offering and growing L&Y

We’re so lucky to have such a diverse range of customers from all ages and all walks of life so we want to offer as much as possible to our customer base.

It’s why we’re proud to keep refreshing our timeless pieces with different colours and prints – and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We want our customers to be able to come to us for anything they want to buy, so we’re super excited to be expanding our categories and what we offer. Keep an eye out for knitwear in Autumn/Winter, and we’re also looking at swimwear for next year!

Shop expansion

Our network of Lucy & Yak shops has grown massively in the past few months, and we’re not stopping there.

Smaller shops mean we can have more locations, and in turn means that more people can make use of our Re:Yak Buyback initiative take part in our events and Re:Yak workshops, and get to see, feel and try on our Yaks!

All of this means we really believe Lucy & Yak will be better than ever in 2023, and we can’t wait to take the next big step in our journey together.

As always if you have any questions or feedback on any of the above, please feel free to get in touch at hello@lucyandyak.com

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