How to personalise your Lucy and Yaks

How to personalise your Lucy and Yaks

This blog article has been submitted by Sofia Voudouroglou, owner of Sewing with Sofia. She designs and sews sustainable bags and backpacks, and does lots of Lucy and Yak alterations, particularly on dungarees. She loves making clothing unique, and showing that upcycling and sustainable fashion is fun and stylish! Find her on Instagram @sewingwithsofia.

My whole life I’ve been looking for a wardrobe that fits perfectly, that’s comfy but not shapeless, and that’s unique to me. Everything was always too big on me, or the wrong shape, or just a bit boring. Now, as we all begin to strive for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, the way our clothes work for us is even more important.

When I started sewing, less than a year ago, I realised that I didn’t need everything I bought to be perfect; I could make it perfect! Since then, I’ve been altering and tailoring almost everything I buy and I’m building a wardrobe I love. Lucy & Yak has been a massive part of that – I mean, what’s comfier than a pair of Corduroy Originals?

A pair that you’ve made your own!

Here are four ways to alter and personalise your Lucy and Yaks. The sewing is easy, but the result looks polished and impressive. Hunt down your mum’s old sewing machine, use needle and thread, or simply iron on. Which one will you choose?

1. Add an elasticated waistband to your dungarees.

Accentuate your waistline and adjust it whenever you like.

Use thrifted or leftover fabric for that unique, sustainable look.

Try sewing it by hand for invisible stitches and a polished finish.

2. Swap out the pockets on your dungarees.

Make both pairs unique.

Match with a friend or keep them both to yourself.

3. Add patches, embroidery, or even your initials.

Use organic cotton or second-hand patches for extra sustainability.

Pick your own design and placement, and simply iron on!

No sewing required.

4. Shorten the legs (for those of us who are a bit ‘vertically challenged’).

Super easy, super quick, super tailored.

Literally just one straight line of stitching.

We hope you enjoyed this article. You can find more about Sofia on Instagram @sewingwithsofia or at her website

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