We're award finalists!

We're award finalists!

Lucy & Yak just turned one year old, and Drapers sent us the best Birthday present! We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Best New Brand in the Drapers Independent Awards!

The annual awards celebrates the most influential brands and highly respected independent retailers in the fashion industry, with an aim to reward those businesses that are innovating, inspiring and pushing the boundaries to stand out in a highly competitive crowd.

We have been shortlisted for the Best New Brand award, which is a new category for 2018, and recognises brands who have been innovating for between one and four years, and boast a strong business plan and compelling unique brand proposition.

We’re absolutely over the moon to be a contender for this award! The Drapers Independent Award recognises so many amazing brands who work tirelessly to share their product and passion with the market, so we’d like to take a moment to recognise these…

Monty & Co: Best New BrandMonty&Co

As a brand that believes children should be free to play, work, create and discover, Monty & Co produce timeless, unisex children’s wear designed to provide authentic and functional style for everyday childhood.

The brand was created by Leigh Montague, who took inspiration from her son Grayson when creating versatile and practical children’s clothes that are made with hardwearing fabric from 100% natural fibres, allowing it to get better and softer with age, washing and wear.

Sugarhill Brighton - Womenswear Brand of the Year


From flamingo prints to rainbow designs, Sugarhill Boutique began life in 2006 out of a design studio in Brighton, with the aim of designing fun, stylish clothing whilst using sustainable methods and materials.

The unique and creative brand is committed to operating ethically, by paying their staff the Real Living Wage, just like us here at Lucy & Yak, as well as only working with suppliers that uphold fair, safe and environmentally labour practices.

Cairenn Foy - Best New Brand


Cairenn Foy is a luxury, Irish children’s wear brand that boasts beautifully crafted garments for little girls up to seven-years-old, creating a range of traditionally styled dresses.

There’s a great story behind this brand, as mother-of-two, Cairenn began designing clothes made with only 100% cotton, which was soft enough for her daughter, Ava, who suffered badly from eczema. Now, the brand us stocked in 17 stores, selling clothing for youngsters which are made using breathable fabrics.

Beaumont Organic - Womenswear Brand of the Year

Beaumont Organic

Combining signature styling with contemporary classics, Beaumont Organic is a pioneering, international organic and ethical brand producing beautiful womenswear, paving a way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.

The brand also set up The Beaumont Organic Foundation in 2008, which pledged to donate 1% of Beaumont Organic’s annual profits to helping the people on the island of Tavenui, in order to help make their day-to-day lives a little better.

Scamp & Dude - Kids’ Brand of the Year

Scamp & Dude

With a long history in the world of fashion and beauty PR, founder of Scamp & Dude, Jo Tutchener-Sharp’s life took a difficult turn when she suffered a brain heamorrhage, meaning she had to leave her young children to undergo threatening brain surgery.

From here, Jo managed to take some light from something dark, and created Scamp & Dude a brand which produces award-winning matching clothing for children and adults, providing children with an extra sense of security when they need it the most.

All of these brands are absolutely amazing, and have such heartwarming and inspiring stories to tell! We would like to wish them all the best of luck in the Drapers Independent Awards and with their future journeys…


Lucy and Chris x

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