Being Active in the Fight Against Racism: Resources Update

Being Active in the Fight Against Racism: Resources Update

Being Active in the Fight Against Racism: Resources Update

It’s been almost a month since George Floyd, a Black American Man was killed through police brutality and the world woke up to systemic and systematic racism. In that month some amazing progress has been made:

  • The four officers involved in George Floyd’s death have been fired and charged.
  • Breonna’s Law has been passed through the public safety committee in Louisville to regulate ‘no-knock warrants’ in narcotics cases, and the FBI is opening an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Breonna’s death. The Louisville Metropolitan Police has announced it would require all sworn officers to wear body cameras.
  • The Justice in Policing Act 2020 has been introduced by Democrats in Congress that contains measures to combat police misconduct, excessive force and racial bias in policing through several roots: police accountability, police transparency through data, police training and policies and justice for victims of lynching.
  • An Act is being pushed to remove the judicial doctrine of qualified immunity that protects law enforcement from being held personally responsible for violating the rights of citizens
  • Minnesota has pledged to dismantle the police department, and create a new system of public safety. LA mayor has said he will cut $150 million from the LAPD budget. The Californian Governor has called for the banning of the use of carotid chokeholds by the police.
  • George Floyd Memorial Fund has received the highest donations of all time raising more than $13 million.
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund – a non-profit that bails out protestors has raised over $20 Million.
  • Black Lives Matter UK has reached more than £1m in donations.
  • Black Minds Matter UK has had enough donations to fund 500 12 week courses of therapy.
  • The Statue of Slaveowner and racist Edward Colston was taken down by protestors in Bristol, as part of a worldwide call out for monuments of racist figures to be reviewed and removed. Other statues have also been removed in Virginia, Boston, Kentucky, Minnesota, London, Hamilton (NZ), Miami, Indianapolis, Alabama, Philadelphia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Antwerp (Belgium), and Brussels (Belguim). You can find out about racist statues near you here -
  • Roads and places named after slave owners and racists are also under review by several local councils after successful petitions from residents.
  • ‘Black Lives Matter’ Murals have been painted on the pavements in Washington DC, and Seattle, with other cities expected to follow suit.
  • Protests have occurred in every State in America and the Black Lives Matter movement has expanded to every continent

The progress made so far shows that the protests, donations, petitions, reading, educating, and learning is working. The people are being listened to, and this momentum must remain. The conversation has developed, people have been educated, but still more Black people are being killed and we can't get complacent. The Black Trans community has been victim to 2 deaths this week alone, and fascist protests have been witnessed in several countries. The fight is not over. With this in mind, we have collated a list of updated resources focused on continued action, so that we can all continue to support, learn and protest that Black Lives still and always Matter.

‘Change needs commitment, and then it needs recommitment’ @brandonkgood


Petitions – Remember do not donate to if you are trying to help the BLM movement of Families directly.

Today marks Juneteenth – On 19th June 1865, the US civil war was won and Black Slaves were emancipated. They day was celebrated by freed slaves with prayer, feasting, song and dance and has become an annual day of celebration for the Black community ever since. Juneteenth is not recognised as a national holiday in the USA. Sign the petition here to change this.

Justice for Shukri Abdi - Shukri Abdi was a 12 year old School Girl who was bullied and drowned by a group of fellow students in Manchester. Sign the petition to have her case reopened here:

Justice for Toyin: Toyin was 19 year old protestor who spoke out about her experience of sexual violence, and was found dead the next day, Sign the petition for her death to be investigated here:

Lakeith Smith has been sentenced to 65 years in prison after a Police officer shot his friend. For Justice for Lakeith Smith sign the petition here:

Here are all the UK Government petitions that still need signatures:

Here are 301 BLM petitions that need your signature, please sign asnd many as you can and share:

Write to your Local MP to demand change on a local and national level -

Template letters to MPs demanding change/ justice:

Making it easy to write to the politicians who represent you about the things that matter – even if you don’t know who they are

How to help fight Anti-racism in the UK resource document:


Dominique Rem’mie Fells’ was a black trans woman, found murdered in Philidelphia this week. To read more about this case and donate to Rem’mie’s funeral fund please click here:

Exist Loudly Fund - An organisation creating programmes, support networks for Queer Black Young People in London and working to offer support to young Queer Black People outside of London digitally

Say it Loud Club – Prodiving support and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

Justice for Grenfell


“The intersection of this Pride Month with the Black Lives Matter movement must serve as a catalyst for long-term change within the LGBTQI community” by Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin

Anti-blackness: a performative business by Ti Balanta (a lovely customer of ours)

Why Fashion Brands are Today’s Colonial Masters by Ayesha Barenblat and Aditi Mayer


Diaspora Collective Podcast – Four women from the African Diaspora discuss current affairs and the impact they have on Black Communties. Not to be mistaken as an educational resource.

About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge – From the author of bestseller Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Comes the podcast that takes the conversation a step further.

You Had Me at Black - Black Millennials tell the true-life stories you won't see on TV.

Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast – Join the award-winning authors Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené through their exploration of topical news and popular culture from a Black British Female perspective.

The YIKES Podcast - Join Mikaela Loach, Josephine Becker and Finlay Mowat as they chat about climate change, human rights and current affairs in their accessible and gritty podcast series.


How Not to Be a Racist:

Becoming – (Netflix)

Orange is the New Black – Particularly seasons 4 and 5 (Netflix)

Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap (Netflix)

Little Fires Everywhere (Amazon Prime)

If Beale Street Could Talk (Amazon Prime)

Sorry to Bother You (Film)

Queen & Slim

The Rosa Parks Story (Film)

Get Out (Film)












This Bridge Called My Back Writings by Radical Feminists of Colour

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: by Berverly Daniel Tatum

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

I will not be erased by Gal-dem writers

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

If you come across any resources that you would like us to share, please email them over to and we will include them in the next update.

List compiled through independent research and information found on @shityoushouldcareabout and @BAMEsussex.

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