Did you know Lucy & Yak dungarees are unisex?

Did you know Lucy & Yak dungarees are unisex?

"Are your dungarees unisex?"
"Is the men's medium the same as the women's medium?"
"If I am a man, can I order the women's dungarees?"

These are just some of the questions you guys ask us, so I am here to settle all!

Our dungarees are 100% unisex

Our dungarees are for all you guys, gals and non binary pals. Every dunga design has been made with no gender in mind, only the comfort and coolness for you lot to enjoy.

No matter how you identify, the bold patterns, stripes and fresh new colours are ready for you to show them off. The loose fit and relaxed style means the shape is in no way designed for any specific body shape.

Although we have separate sections on the website, each dungaree is the same for all - whether you buy medium in men's dungarees or medium from the women’s section, they will still be the same size, measurements an all!

Who models them?

Even going back to the first pair that Lucy and Chris ever designed, there was no gender in mind, only the design. It just so happened that people assumed they were for women because Lucy was the model for the Depop at the time!

As time has gone by, we have been introducing male models to our shoots, so you guys can see just how good they look on guys too - not just women. You can check out our recent shoot too, where we have got everyone involved featuring all of our new Organic Originals.

You lot in Yaks!

It’s really great getting pics from you all wearing them too, we even got some stars featuring us. From Ed Sheeran, to Jack Garratt, to Giovanna Fletcher! We got them saying no to gender limitations.

Dungarees were made to be unisex! Let's keep it that way! It’s about wearing whatever you, as an individual, want to wear. Wear what you want and be who you want! And express it through funky, ethical fashion.

...like ours! You can have a browse at all of our unisex dungarees, tops and trousers here.

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