Product FAQs:

How often do you restock your core lines?

We aim to have core lines in stock at all times. Restocks arrive throughout the season either per month or per quarter depending on volume.

For Limited Edition pieces will these all be one-off, or will there be a chance some are restocked?

Generally, our Limited Editions are exciting one-off runs. However, if we receive a very high demand for a piece that lots of people missed out on, we may decide to restock.

Why has the price of core items increased?
From transport to packaging, the cost of all these things constantly increases, which means the end price that customers pay for a product will always have to increase over time. We are no different from anyone else with this.

For us it’s even a little harder because we use organic and recycled fabrics. When we started out five years ago, there were only a handful of brands using these materials. But as the drive towards greater sustainability and protecting our planet has gained momentum over the past few years, more brands are switching to organic and recycled fabrics…. which is awesome!
However, this means that the supply of these fabrics can’t keep up with the demand. When demand is higher than supply, the price goes up. As a result, we have seen organic cotton prices more than double in 5 years!
We always try to absorb as much of these costs as we can, but unfortunately eventually there are no options left other than to increase the price that we sell the garment for.

Where does your fabric and cotton come from?
Our Cotton is 100% organic and grown in India, where our fabric is also woven. Some of our jersey is sourced, grown and made in Turkey.

Will there be regular back in stock updates?

Yes. The best way to keep track of what’s being restocked is to subscribe to our mailing list, where we aim to share regular restock updates, or to click the ‘notify me’ button on the product page.

Where do the in-house print inspirations come from?
Our fabulous print designers Natasha and Elspeth can draw inspiration from anywhere & everywhere! From the day to day to the obscure. Vintage fashion, pretty patterns in antique tiles, art exhibitions or photos of flowers in the park to name just a few.

Which items contain elastane?
Our Original dungarees in cord and twill, the Aiden and the Miranda Knits and our Rey T-shirt all contain elastane.

How best should I wash / care for my yaks?
We believe we should all get into the practice of looking after our clothes the best we can. You can find all the info you need on our Yak Care Guide or follow the advice on the care label on your purchase.
This way, you can make sure you’re rocking our Yaks for many years to come, while respecting the person who made it!

Why do the garments attract lint?
100% Organic Cotton Fibres will attract more lint than organic cotton fabrics mixed with manmade fibres. The fabric itself does not attract lint, but the static charges that develop on the fabric, usually through friction, will. 
Some fabrics will actually “attract” lint themselves, or retain lint, because of their surface structure.
We avoid anti-static finishes on our garments to reduce the use of chemicals.
We suggest washing your garments inside out, with similar colours only to help combat this. A lint roller or damp cloth can also help remove lint from your garments. 

Returns FAQs:

UK ReturnsInternational Returns

What happens to returned items? Are any sent to landfill?

Any garments returned are inspected for faults/wear and then put back into stock if re-sellable. If an item is returned that is faulty /cannot be re-sold, it will be sent to our Depop team who list this on our page at a discounted price with the relevant fault highlighted.

Can you return two separate orders together?

Unfortunately you can only return a single order at a time using our returns portal.

How long does it take to process a return?

Your refund will be processed within 14 days of you sending it back to us, however we aim to process returns as quickly as possible, and this is often sooner depending on the workload in our warehouse.

How do I print a returns label?

UK orders: Use the link on the main website under the ‘returns’ section to generate a free Royal Mail returns label, then take this down to your local post office.

International orders: Post your order back to us by using the relevant country returns hub.

Do I need to return the fabric bag when I send back my order?

We do politely ask you to return your saree bag if you are returning all your items.


Can I return my order directly to the warehouse?

No, please use the free returns service provided.

What type of packaging do you use?

We use paper mailing bags to ship your orders, and any plastic used to protect your individual items is biodegradable. 

How do I dispose of the clear biodegradable polybag?

These can be recycled with other soft plastics at local supermarkets. Please check with your local council as you may be able to put these in with your plastic/mixed recycling. 

Will my shipping fee be refunded if I return the items?

Yes, if you paid for delivery, you will receive £3.50 shipping back in the UK regardless of what service you selected. 

For International Orders this is non-refundable.

Are returns free from outside of the UK?
No, unfortunately we are unable to cover the cost of returns outside of the UK, returns fees vary by country. Full details can be found on our returns page.

I need to return my order, but my card details have changed. What should I do?
We are only able to refund on to the original payment method, but most banks have a forwarding system in place for refunds if cards have expired or been cancelled. You can contact your bank to confirm. 

Yak Points / Discount Codes / Gift Vouchers:

Can multiple voucher codes be used at once?
Sorry but we are unable to stack discount codes.

How do I use my NHS Discount?
We currently offer 20% off for NHS workers with an NHS email address. 
You can sign up using the link: https://lucyandyak.com/pages/nhs-discount – this must be using an NHS email address at the checkout page.
The code won't work alongside a personal email address, on sale items or with the PayPal express checkout option.

How do the Yak points work?
When you create a Yak reward account on the website, you will receive points for purchasing / birthdays / joining our social media channels. These points can then be converted into discount codes for future purchases.

How long will it take to receive my points after ordering?
40 Days.

How long until my Yak points expire?
18 months.

Are any other discounts available on the website?
We have a ‘Last Chance to Buy’ sale section which is regularly updated. From time to time we will offer discounts codes on certain products.

Do you do Student Discount?
Yes! You can sign up for a 10% code via Unidays

Can I use more than one gift card at one time?
Yes, you can use multiple gift cards on a single order.

I haven't spent the full gift card. Can I use it another time?
Yes, the same gift card can be used on your next purchase.

My rewards voucher has disappeared. How do I find a copy of it?
You can see past vouchers by logging into your rewards page and scrolling down to account activity. If you hover over the status, the voucher code should show up. 

Product Fit:

How best can I find what size to buy?
To find the best fit in your garment we suggest you refer to our size chart where you can match your body measurements, in order to help you buy the right size garment. If you are in between sizes please feel free to contact us and we can advise which size would be best for you
You can also try our new sizing tool which you will find on the product page. This is a short quiz to support you in finding the correct size, it will also save your result for any further purchases across products.

Why are certain sizes harder to purchase than others?
As we expand our size ranges, we constantly review the amount of each size we buy to ensure we provide enough stock of each. Our stock is ordered up to 6 months in advance, so it can take us some time to achieve good stocks of all sizes.

Will your range offer Tall and Petite in the future?
We are continuously working on the fit of our products and on growing our size offering. Due to limited space available in our warehouse we are unable to offer both Petite and Tall products straight away, so we are currently working on creating new petite sizing first due to high customer demand. This will hopefully be available in 2023.

How should I tie the straps?
Follow our guide here!

What length are the inside legs to fit?
A Regular length is to fit a 30” inside leg and a L is to fit a 32” inside leg.


Can a limit be placed on the number of pieces one person can buy to stop re-sellers / bulk buying?
Our website doesn’t have that feature, but we do monitor customer order size and if we see anything suspicious we will contact the customer or cancel the order.

How do you search by size on the website?
We are working on a filter section for our website, but for now you can search in the bar for your size.

What payment methods can be used on the website?
Debit Credit Card / Paypal / Clearpay / Shop pay / Apple pay / Google pay 

Is there a second-hand marketplace for Yaks?
Yes! We have a fabulous 'Buy Sell Trade' page & group.

How do I change the currency on the website?
In the navigation there is a button to change the currency, however this is not yet available in the mobile app, but we are looking to update this in the future. 

How do you find your Facebook groups?

Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lucyandyakcommunity/
Buy/Sell/Trade: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lucyandyakbuyselltrade/