Re:Yak Halloween 🦇🎃

Re:Yak Halloween 🦇🎃

We’re big Halloween fans here at Lucy & Yak, but the one thing that definitely gives us nightmares is the waste!

As more and more people get involved in Halloween celebrations, the more demand there is for scary costumes, decorations, treats and tricks.

Research shows that a whopping 30 million people in the UK dress up for Halloween, and more than 90% of families consider buying costumes.

But the real horror story is that every year, roughly 7 million outfits are thrown away, and only a tiny proportion are recycled*.

Cheap throwaway costumes are the villain here! An estimated 2,000 terrifying tonnes of plastic waste – equivalent to 83m bottles*, is generated from millions of poor quality, fast fashion costumes which are mass-produced every year. Many often don’t last more than a day before falling apart!

*Find out more about Halloween Waste in this article from The Guardian.

But there is another way!

This year we’re encouraging the Yak Community and beyond to have a Re:Yak Halloween – reusing Yaks and clothes you already own for a costume that’s not only kinder to the planet, but can be used again and again for many Halloweens to come.

We’ve got PLENTY of costume inspo, ideas and general Halloween tips from now until 31st, helping you to cut down on waste while dialing up the scares!

Top tips for a Re:Yak Halloween

Create your own

What’s the cheapest, most eco-friendly costume? The one you already own!

Dive into your wardrobe and find the most ‘you’ outfit you own, using your Yaks to get creative with your costume.

You’ll be amazed, shocked and stunned at just how many costumes you can create using a pair of Yaks – keep an eye out on our socials for lots of creepy inspo to get you started!

Ditch the disposables

Hosting a Halloween party? Cut down on waste by avoiding disposable cups, plates and cutlery. Use regular dishes or buy biodegradable ones, and use a marker (or apply cute labels) to identify cups so party-goers can keep track of theirs.

DIY decorations

We know it might be a no-brainer, but it’s not just the costumes that give us a shock over Halloween. From synthetic wigs to plastic buckets and flimsy party decorations, plastic is rife!

Get crafty, get the kids involved, and find materials at home that make for fun decorations without the waste. Everything from cardboard boxes to the netting from a bag of oranges is just waiting to be turned into tombstones and spiderwebs.

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