Lucy's Diary - September 2019

Lucy's Diary - September 2019

A lot can happen in two weeks!
September was a super busy one for us - running events, planning new products (we start on next years A/W collection now!), two big photoshoots for current collections for our new launches, striking at the climate march, 5 days of Depop giveaways and a student night, welcoming new members to the team and meeting loads of you lovely people! Since our last update halfway through the month, we've released our new Thea and Ivy underwear, Stevie and Blake fleeces, Denim Mini Pini, Riley tops and more Easton colours.
We also hit some great milestones - 200k followers on Instagram and 10k reviews on Depop! We're so thankful for your ongoing support and our growing community, and wanted to give you a special look behind the scenes of our day to day activities to keep you all in the loop of all that is Lucy & Yak.
19th & 20th - Climate Strike
We held a placard making evening on the 19th in collaboration with the Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton team - these guys are seriously committed and worked so hard to organise the biggest march yet. (Find out more about what they do and future events to get involved with here: After the shop closed we got out the pens, paint and vegan snacks, and chose the most effective (and sometimes punny) slogans to go on the placards we made from the recycled cardboard from our delivery boxes.

The next day we shut the shop at 11 to head down to the strike, and the turn out was incredible! Estimates range from 7,000 to 10,000 people taking to the streets of Brighton, with thousands more around the UK and millions worldwide - we were so inspired to see so many young people (as well as those of all ages) coming and fighting for the future of the planet. It truly showed that the passion is there for real change to the way things are done, and we came away form it eager to continue our journey to being as low impact as we can in everything we do at L&Y.

23rd - Freshers Fair at University of Sussex
We hosted a pop-up at the Sussex Freshers Fair which was held at the Brighton AMEX stadium. We were so happy to meet so many wonderful and passionate students, excited to start their studies in a huge range of subjects and who are really engaged with social and environmental change. We are hoping to carry on a partnership with the university’s Sustainability Society and put on lots of exciting events throughout the year – watch this space.

24th - Marketing Meeting

This is something we’ve been wanting and needing to do for a long time! We got the whole team together from all round the country (and even from abroad!) for two days of chatting, planning, brainstorming, analysing and creating. It was so lovely to get everyone round one table and make sure everyone was in on all the exciting plans we have. We have such a talented and passionate team who are great at what they do, so everyone had something to bring to the table, and their own part in making all our ideas for the future of the brand come together. It was so productive, and we can’t wait for you all to start seeing what we’ve got brewing!

In addition to the fun photoshoot in Wales, we also photographed our new collection, and we hit the studio with our stylist, photographer and our wonderful models to get some fresh pics for our website!

Student Depop Night
Our dynamic Depop duo Meri and Stef travelled down South from Barnsley to Brighton for our Student Depop Night! Armed with over 200 items from the warehouse - photoshoot samples, discounted and one-off items. The incredible queue stretched around the corner with excited students, some coming all the way from Southampton, Portsmouth, Chichester and London! We think it’s important in Freshers Week to offer events and spaces that don’t just involve drinking and partying, so that everyone finds something that they enjoy (although it has to be said that the evening was DEFINITELY a bit of a party - our playlist was top. notch.) New friendships were made over dungas, shared values, ethical bargains and saving excess stock from going to waste - strong foundations for any lasting friendship, we feel.
What's next?

We're off to India this week to meet up with Ismail and the team! We're so excited to see them all again, as their team has grown too since the last time we were over there. It's always been really important to us to keep up the close bond we have with him and the people who work in his factory, as they're such a huge part of our company and nothing would be possible without them and their hard work. We will keep you updated on our travels and hope to introduce you properly to the wonderful people who make your clothes.

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