[Update March 2021 - We are excited to be working on a more thorough video update within the next few weeks from Sara Brown our lovely Plus Size Fashion Consultant, taking you through launch dates for each product we've been working on - stay tuned!]

Lucy & Yak started out in 2017 with two people and a vision to demonstrate that business could and should be done differently. We have been driven by the ethos of putting people over profits and creating a system where everyone can win. Over the past three years, as the Lucy & Yak team and community have grown, we have seen the business shift and mould in ways we never thought possible. Lucy & Yak is now bigger than just two people.

In the past couple of weeks, we have reflected on the learning and guidance that is needed in order to move forwards and nurture a brand that is inclusive, respectful, and safe.

We wanted to share a number of key updates with you on our team and our actions on the size inclusive range as we move forward. 

Our team 

We have recognised that we are no longer a small brand and are developing quickly. Our approach has always been an open mindset of learning and growth. As such we have been addressing our leadership team and how we can continue to grow in line with our values and nurture a brand that is inclusive and ethical. We are now working on developing and growing both our leadership team and the wider teams.

  • With this in mind, our co-founder Chris Renwick has decided to step down from his role as CEO and will focus his attention and expertise on the operations and logistics side of the business. Our Co-Founder and Creative Director Lucy Greenwood will now take over as CEO, with a commitment to pushing the brand forwards with the vision, passion, and values of the wider team and community at the forefront.
  • We will also be expanding the leadership team with additional roles, including a Head of People who will lead our HR, Diversity and Inclusivity initiatives. 
  • In addition to this, back in June, we announced that we would be assembling a Lucy & Yak Advisory Panel (paid positions) of expert individuals who are able to authentically discuss topics such as diversity, inclusivity, race, gender, size inclusivity, and ethics and sustainability with an intersectional lens. Recruitment for this has been ongoing and we’re delighted to be able to officially start this over the coming weeks. [Update - details on our fabulous Advisory Panel can be found here.]
  • Our Buying and Production team has also grown, and we welcomed a specialist Garment Technologist in September 2020 to help develop a more size inclusive range across our collections. They bring 25 years of experience in plus-sized garment construction to the team. 
  • We have also committed to offering our team the opportunity to take training on anti-racism, unconscious bias, cultural sensitivity, anti-fatphobia and mental health awareness. We are in the process of talking to established training organisations and experts in their fields to create a programme of on-going training on these topics starting from October 2020.

Size Inclusivity  

In our previous update 2 weeks ago, we committed to reviewing and increasing the offering of our size range in 2021, and we’re now able to share some important updates on this with you.


  • We are happy to confirm that we will be increasing our core products to cater to sizes from UK 6 to UK 28. 


As a starting point, our Buying & Production team has begun reviewing and improving the fit of our dungarees, as a key staple of the brand. 

All dungaree styles are currently in review and this will be complete by December 2020, with a view to releasing the additional sizing across all dungarees from March 2021 onwards.

Thereafter, we are working towards the following release dates: 

  • May 2021 onwards: Mini Pini, Freyja, shorts, and short-sleeved tees.
  • September 2021 onwards: trousers, jeans, boilersuits, fleeces, and long-sleeved tees.


  • Sizes up to a UK 28 in our dungarees will be produced by our teams and factories in India. 
  • All other pieces in extended size ranges will be produced by their respective factories and will be ready to ship from our UK warehouse upon release.

What next?

  • We will be sharing more on the process in the coming months. We are also in the process of reviewing additional sizes across our collections. This includes sizes 30-32 and our petite/tall ranges.


  • The timelines have been carefully considered in order for us to maintain the integrity of our supply chains. We also want to highlight that due to COVID-19 our regular supply chains have faced a number of challenges and delays across all our products from March 2020 throughout this year. These are the dates we are working to, but we want to make you aware now that we may experience further delays across all our collections due to this. We will keep you updated on our progress on this.

If you would like to stay updated, you can check on us here, or you can sign up to our newsletter via lucyandyak.com. 


We would also like to express our gratitude to all individuals who have taken the time to feed back on the current offering of our size range. As an ethical business, we appreciate that these steps should have been addressed earlier. We are committed to be the best that we can be, and this is just the start. We look forward to learning, improving, and growing, and we hope you’ll join us for the journey.