Our advisory panel has been at the heart of Lucy & Yak’s journey to becoming more inclusive and diverse. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them!

We are proud of what we have achieved already:

  • Our new extended sizing has started to roll out. All our products will be available in UK4-32 by summer 2022. We will be starting our work on petite & tall after this.
  • Our internal team is now more diverse than last year, with us now having an improved hiring process for finding & keeping talent. 
  • Our models are more representative than last year, with more real people being at the heart of our campaigns and ecom shoots

We’ve learnt a lot and put a structure in place that continues to uphold the progress we’ve made as a company, we want to thank all our panel members for this, we couldn’t have done it without them.  

Each year we aim to shine a spotlight on areas that need our attention the most, and give this area everything, so that we can make important changes as quickly as possible. This past 12-18 months our spotlight has been focused on extending our size offering, being representative in our model and collaborator choice, and improving our internal hiring process. Our department heads will now take the reins on continuously improving these areas, by listening to our customers through our focus groups, and seeking external expertise where needed.   

This next 12-18 month our spotlight will be shining on our sustainability goals, to work towards our ambitious circular business strategy. We believe circularity is the most important thing to becoming a brand that is as close as possible to being truly sustainable. We are committed to the following:

  • Responsibly New Yaks: This means always; Organic, Recycled, Closed-loop, Living wage, Long Lasting, Versatile, Sustainable Packaging, simplicity in design to aid price accessibility & working to reduce our footprint (B-Corp) 
  • Recirculating used or imperfect Yaks: Re-loved, Repaired, Recycled. We currently do this through: Depop imperfects, Facebook group: buy, sell, trade. This is just the beginning of our circular journey, next up: Re:Yak Network 
  • Responsibly Reinvesting in our Planet & our People: Identifying & Supporting grassroots causes that improve things for people & the planet and where we feel we can genuinely have long lasting impact overtime. 

We’ve made the decision to focus our attention on what’s going on behind the scenes at Lucy & Yak and look for ways we can find even more sustainable solutions for everything from our supply chain to the fabrics we use, to making sure Yaks live on for generations. We will work with external consultants to help us set and achieve our sustainability goals. We will share this journey with you through our social media platforms and our emails:

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We want to thank our entire community and our external collaborators for all the feedback, advice, and energy you have poured into Lucy & Yak since our beginnings in 2017. We will continue to listen, review, and act whenever we are presented with an opportunity to be a better business.

If you have any questions or suggestion, please email our dedicated Positive Change Team: positivechange@lucyandyak.com