Our first ever report!

This is a big old round up of everything we've done so far and where we want to head in the future.

What we're doing good, and what we want to do better. It measures a whole load of our ethical and sustainability practices in many different ways; our factories, our employees, their wages, our fabrics, our shipping practices - from our warehouse, to our shop, to our studio - this is a broad and detailed view of our impacts as a business on people AND planet, and pledges on how we will improve on them.

It's so important that we all hold ourselves and each other accountable on how we can all do better for both people and the planet. It's not always easy, no one is perfect and it can be a long process, but by being open, honest and learning from each other is always a good start! As usual, transparency is key!

This has been an accumulation of lots of research and work by many members of the team, over several months - it's been collated by Natasha, our Sustainability coordinator, and illustrated by the wonderful Val (@ria_is_a_dreamer) and we're so excited to release it into the world!

Our ideal vision is a world where all businesses are proud and transparent about releasing what goes on behind the scenes!

So dive in and read about all kinds of aspects of our little business! 

Read the whole thing here.