At Lucy & Yak we love art! We think art is important in keeping a healthy and creative mind. We also think there are loads of incredible artists out there that aren't getting the attention they rightly deserve.
We would like this page to be a collection of fabulous Lucy & Yak themed artwork created by you. 
Lucy & Yak
by Dulcimer 
'Twinkle & Gloom'
By Lowri Mai
By Lydia Pimm
'Umi and her Dungarees'
By Alisha Greystone 
'Luna Sunflower'
by Lily Milan
Lucy & Yak
'Her dreams were sunflower seeds'
by Helena 
Lucy & Yak
'Autumn Dungas'
by Izi kimble 
Lucy & Yak
'A fox is a wolf who sends flowers'
by Ella
We love to see our designs recreated in your own personal style!
So if you're up for it and want the chance to be featured send us your 'Lucy & Yak' themed Art and if we love it we will feature it here and on our instagram.
Email the finshed Artwork to: