We've had so many amazing illustrations from our fab community that we've decided to feature a different illustration each month on our order cards! You'll of course be credited and will also get £100 to spend on anything you like online! Your illustration will be on our cards for a month, and will go out in every customer order!
Email any L&Y inspired artwork of any kind to: weloveart@lucyandyak.com - don't forget to add your signature to the illustration too! We can't get back to every person but love looking through them so much!
Are you a fan of our Depop page? We now run this competition for our Depop thank you cards too! Email your Depop artwork to: Depopart@lucyandyak.com and we will pick a winner once a month. You will be credited and receive 3 items of your choice from our Depop listings. Wahoo! 
Some of our previous winners:
By Pip Claffey
By Emma Piper
By Michaela Nagle
By Merck Mink
By Viki Mia
By Luci Foeger
By Gabrielle Walker
By Nienke Siegers
By Asma Enayeh 
By Josie Hargreaves
By Daisie Reed
By Saskia Heijmans
By Leah Smith 
By Kirsty 
By Jodi Bellam
By Fiona Bell
By Claudia Melton