We want to discover new design talent!

Our goal is to create a brand that finds and supports talent that maybe hasn't descovered or has been shunned by the design industry because "its not what they're looking for". If you think they're wrong and you're right we probably want you. We think they're wrong too.

We are looking for fabulous, interesting designs to print onto a new range of dungarees. Our favourite designs will be printed on our dungarees and you will be credited with the design and we'll send you a pair of the finished piece. Your design will be seen globally by thousands.

Our only stipulant is that it can't be offensive. Being offensive is counter-productive, however there are things we need to speak up against like greed and off-shore tax havens. So if you have a message make it conducive to change.

Please submit your design here and we'll be in touch

Thanks and Good Luck,