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Wardrobe Staple

I love my Lucy and Yaks and they're now a staple of my wardrobe! Great quality and fit, love the adjustable straps which make them easy to wear with anything.

Gorgeous print

The colors are stunning and so lovely, great for a hot day :)

Fallen in love again 🥰

After a little break from buying Lucy and Yak dungarees (the only ones I will wear), I was tempted by the same. I went down a size and a different colour for me but stuck with organic cotton originals. They are beautifully soft and comfortable and a great colour. I’ve not really been out of them so oops bought another pair in a different colour again…

Great holiday T-shirt !

Good quality material, not too thin/thick , love the lemon print , nice and bright , well made , will definitely buy from this site again,

Immediate compliments, gorgeous print and so comfortable!

I absolutely love my Kelly Louise Judd L&K jumpsuit! I wore it to a concert and while I was concerned I would be too hot in it here in Southern California, turned out it was super breathable and cozy! I got compliments on it as well. I adore the print so much. Thank you!

I'm about to live in this jumpsuit

I just got my first Bowie and it might be love. The fabric is so stretchy and comfy - this is the kind garment you forget your wearing. It's nice and loose, so I'm not thinking about my belly or messing with a waist band. I can't wait to layer this when the cooler temps come. I got my regular size, and it's perfectly oversized, but not too big 👌🏻

Colourful, fun and spacious

I took it traveling and it is proving to be a good purchase.
Love the colours and soft fabric.

so good!

This is my second purchase in this style. So easy to wear and looks so put together.

Super soft and cute, highly recommend.

I really love these, they are so cute! However WHERE ARE THE POCKETS? That's one of the main features of yaks! There are only little decorative pockets on the front and back. Also their sizing is so wack. According to the size chart I would be a size 28? When I normally wear a size 22. I bought a 24 and it fit perfectly. Very confusing. You kind of just have to guess and hope for the best when buying the first few times.

Feline Fine

Soft shirt. Large collar. Great print. Matches other L&Y items with the same shades.

My favorite Maxi!

Not only do *I* love this dress, but strangers as well! First time I wore it I got FIVE compliments from strangers just walking by, and that was just me on a hour-long errand run. And of course I love getting to turn to them and say "IT HAS POCKETS" and have them get that much more excited!! This dress is sure to be a staple of mine through all the seasons, since it looks so cute layered as well.

Cute Print!

Love the fit of mini pinis and they’re just so comfy! This print is also super cute

Billie Trousers: ORGANIC CORDUROY - Pickle Green

These are super comfy. Wish I would have gotten faster to the Summer Sale and grabbed other colors. I'm a size 12 and got a medium. Also, I'm 5'2" and are a good length, I fold the waist over and they're ready to wear.

Love this audacious print and cannot wait to wear them tomorrow! It’s slightly snug fitting as it’s 12 and I’m 12-14 but it’s still very very comfortable. My only problem is when you need the loo!

This is my favourite of all of the items as it’s so beautiful, so so comfortable and adore the colour. Fits me like a glove. I’m 12-14 and ordered a 12. Love it

Love how soft the material was and the colour but it was slightly tight so I have exchanged it for a larger size

Jax jacket

I love it so much I bought another one

just perfect!!!

perfect fit as per usual, so so comfy and light in this heatwave. i love!

Another banger

Love this shirt! It is my third Alfie and I love them like my three favourite children. Comes up a bit big but great as a jacketand a good length with skirts.

Mia Dress: ORGANIC COTTON - Black


Love these. Only quibble is that they seem short in the body..i’m 5ft 2. Fit is hood but have to dislocate a shoulder to go to the loo!

SUCH a cute bag! Amazing quality as always, small but can fit a good amount inside! Couldn’t resist ordering both the bag and dungas in this pattern!

My favourite jeans!

So comfy and flexible. They allow me to move how I want without restriction and the fit is perfect!

So easy

Gorgeous and easy to style. Such a flattering cut and really comfy