Lucy & Yak slumber party! Come and model for us!

Lucy & Yak slumber party! Come and model for us!

We always try to be as diverse as we can with the models we choose, but sometimes the modelling industry just doesn’t have what we are looking for. So we wanted to ask you guys, the people that actually wear our designs every day to come and join us for a fun day of modelling.

Models wanted

With a 90s, nostalgic sleepover theme, we will be shooting our Organic collection… Think Lucy & Yak oversized sweaters, tees and dungarees! Along with some amazing props, lots of colour and your fave 90s music!

Models wanted 2

Some of you will already know that we did something similar to this back in March, when we had a lot of you guys come down to London with us for a day of modelling. It went so well for our first one, and we learned a lot too.

We invited 15 people last time, but this was far too many and it turned out to be a lot of sitting around for the models and a lot of hard work organising it for us. This time we will be inviting just five of you! So lots of outfit changes! You will be able to keep whatever you model too :) We will cover travel and food expenses on the day.

We spent weeks last time replying to everyone to let them know either way, unfortunately, this time we wont be able to. Last time, we had thousands of people apply which we were not expecting haha, so this time we will likely have even more of you apply and will only be able to get back to the people that we choose.

We are looking for as much diversity as possible, people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and identities. So get your best snaps out and let’s head back to the 90s together.

How to enter:

  1. Email over a few images of yourself from different angles and at least one full length photo.
  2. Links to your social media, i.e. Instagram, Facebook etc.
  3. Personal info: UK clothing size, bust, waist and hip measurements.
  4. Must be 18 years or older
  5. Send all of this to:

Once we have chosen our models, we will confirm the date of the shoot (bare in mind this might be a weekday), but we are aiming for late September to early October.

Good Luck!


Lucy, Chris and The Team!

Models wanted 3

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