Comfort = Confidence with Will Cornish (Brighton Store Supervisor)

Comfort = Confidence with Will Cornish (Brighton Store Supervisor)

For this week's Staff Selects, we headed to our Brighton store and chatted to our one and only store supervisor Will – Who brings all those feel-good vibes to our shop, brightens Yakkers' days, and makes sure a trip to Brighton is an all round awesome experience 🎉

When did you start working at this L&Y store and what made you want to work there?

I started working for Lucy and yak on July 3rd 2021. My retail career started in vintage and second hand designer clothing. At the start it was just a job but it opened my eyes on how how bad fast fashion is for the world! I really found my calling in the sustainable fashion so Lucy & Yak was obviously the next step for me.

What’s your favourite thing about working in a Lucy & Yak store?

My favourite thing about working in the store would be the customers, Lucy & Yak attracts people from all walks of life and I really enjoy getting to chat to them because I normally wouldn’t have the confidence.

What’s your number one style tip to customers?

My best style tip would be, don’t be afraid to go oversized! For me fashion is all about being comfortable! I like to say to myself when I get dressed for work if you’re comfortable then you’re confident!'

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