TV & Yak: Inspiring (& Inspired By) TV’s Biggest Hits

TV & Yak: Inspiring (& Inspired By) TV’s Biggest Hits

TV shows and fashion are two fingers on the same statement glove. Over the course of the pandemic, when physical runways shuttered, streaming platforms became the new fashion show, and were a playground for designers and costumiers. This resulted in some visually spectacular TV. Think of pretty much anything Emily wears in Paris, or the wild styling of Killing Eve, or the era-blending work of Sex Education, which jumps between 90s grunge, 80s colour, and 70s flair with finesse.

We blew through all three series of Sex Education here at Lucy & Yak HQ – and we’ve been inspired by it. It’s joyful: patterns clash, jumpsuits get zipped and unzipped, dungarees for everyone! It was special to see that Lucy & Yak got to star in the show too. You may have spotted our rust orange polar fleece in Season 3, which has honey-yellow sleeves. (“The Winnie the Pooh vibes are immaculate”, said one eagle eyed Instagram commenter.) We even saw a blue Lucy & Yak boiler suit donned to fix a broken sink.

What’s more, it looks like we’ve become a favourite with the cast – both on and off screen. Actor Aimee Lou Wood (who plays Amy in the show) recently recommended Lucy & Yak in an interview with Stylist. So to keep the love going, (as we eagerly speculate when Season 4 may be released) we’ve paired up with actor Tanya Reynolds (who plays fan favourite Lily Iglehart in Sex Education) this month, for a special collaboration.

Aside from Sex Education, Lucy & Yak is favoured by many top costume departments. Name any iconic British TV show, and chances are, members of its cast have donned a pair of Lucy & Yaks. We’ve had flour-coated dungas in The Great British Bake Off tent, and we’ve seen Yaks covered in glitter in the hallowed you-better-werk-room on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

We’ve also seen our fair share of sticky TV situations of another kind. In Vigil (which aired on the BBC in 2021) you might recall the peace activist character Jade Antoniak (played by Lauren Lyle), looking rustic, comfy and fabulous in her Original black Yaks and more recently Killing Eve.

As our community knows, Lucy & Yak leans away from fast fashion trends, preferring to search for inspiration from elsewhere, to create timeless pieces that we hope you’ll love for a really long time – not just until the trend falls off in favour of something new.

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