Celebrating Bristol & Yak 🎉

Celebrating Bristol & Yak 🎉

We’ve been LOVING seeing how much you've been enjoying Bristol & Yak – making the most of all the great events (and lovely Yaks!) on offer. To celebrate the team that are making it all possible, for this edition of Yak Staff Selects we chatted to the amazing Hannah, our Depop Team Leader, who’s also been making sure everything runs smoothly at Bristol & Yak.

When did you start working at this L&Y store and what made you want to work there?

I’ve been working at Lucy & Yak for two and a half years in the Depop department and got involved in organising the pop-up towards the end of last year. I used to work in face-to-face retail and thought it would be fun to get involved and get to hang out with some of our customers, so far it’s been great!

What’s your favourite thing about working in a Lucy & Yak store?

Getting to meet our customers and see the different ways they style their Yaks for sure! I’ve met some amazing people coming into the Bristol pop-up so far and am also loving the workshops and events we’ve got going on too, you get to meet such a fun mix of people.

What’s your number one style tip to customers?

Some people say that less is more but I truly believe that more is more. Layer up, chuck all of your accessories on and get creative!

My favourite items we’ve got in the Bristol pop-up are:

The new Dana Jeans in Paige patchwork, they’re SO comfy and a bit more interesting than your usual denim jean.

Sunflower Original Dungarees - these look fab with a biker jacket and chunky boots and are one of my favourite prints we’ve ever done.

The Daisy-Mae Embroidered Olly YAKet - I only just got this one and it’s getting me excited for wearing it with cowboy boots and a summer frock when the weather gets nicer!

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