If we could describe this year’s Fior Di Loto Friday in a word, it would have to be: WOW! 

If you’re one of the lovely people who picked up a pair of Yaks and chose to do Black Friday a bit differently, thanks to you and the Yak community, there’s 223 girls heading to school for a life changing education.

Thanks again for getting involved, and we hope you get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling whenever you rock your new Yaks! We’ll be sharing updates from the school throughout the year, so make sure to check in and see the difference you’ve made.

One of the best things about our partnership with Fior Di Loto is that we get to visit and see exactly where your money goes. Our co-founder Lucy did just that this year, and saw how proactive Fior Di Loto is in the community, reaching out to girls and their families, and supporting them long after they’ve left the school!


girls are going to school!

I met the founders of Fior DI Loto back in 2018, when Lucy & Yak was just 1 year old, and I was blown away by the incredible foundation Mara & Deepu have created. They have dedicated their lives to serve the school & local community, and I feel honoured to have been invited in to spend time with them and be a part of what they have created. 

I have spoken personally to many of the students & teachers, who are all so grateful for Mara & Deepu for giving them this opportunity. Thanks to all our lovely customers we have been able to support them on their journey for 4 years now, and we plan to continue this for many years to come. Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, we have to work hard together for many years to see the fruits and this is what we plan to do with this amazing foundation. 

It costs just £250 to send a girl to school for a WHOLE year, so your donations really do go a long way!

We welcome feedback, if you have any feedback please email positivechange@lucyandyak.com