Since 2018, Black Fridays have been an opportunity for us to support lasting positive change, to help give girls a vital education at the wonderful Fior Di Loto school (right next to our first ever factory, where Ismail makes your Yaks!)

This year, we’re stepping up.

On a mission to send more girls to school than ever before.

Getting more people and more companies involved than ever before.

How are we going to do this?

By sharing our belief that Black Friday can be a period for positivity.

By telling our Fior Di Loto story:

How we met, what we’ve achieved, and what we can do in 2021 with our communities’ support.

By shouting about Fior Di Loto Friday – it’s Black Friday, but not as we know it!

A THIRD OF ALL PROFITS from Wednesday 24th up until Monday 29th will go to the Fior Di Loto foundation.

2 x Yaks = 1 girl to school for a week - so every pair of Yaks really does count!

£1 = 1 girl's lunch for a week

£7 = 1 girl's school shoes

£11 = 1 girl's school uniform

£20 = A set of books

£40 = transport to & from school for a year

£100 = exam fees & teachers for a year

We first met the founders, Deepu & Mara, four years ago, and safe to say we were blown away by what they have achieved. The foundation is mainly focused on providing an education and improving the living conditions of more than 700 girls living in the villages surrounding Pushkar, Rajasthan, in Northwest India.⁣ A region very close to our hearts! 💚

Fior Di Loto strives to work towards three main pillars:⁣

📚 Education:

"We ensure that the girls have the necessary skills to pursue a career of their own, or pursue higher education." ⁣

👥 Community: 

"We continue to create new social programs that can help the most vulnerable in the community: the elderly, widowers, homeless people, and those with disabilities – to name a few."⁣

♻️ Environment: ⁣

"We try to promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle to the whole community. Only through environmental education will we be able to combat the pollution that many cities in India suffer."⁣

They really are a wonderful charity, and that’s what Fior Di Loto Friday is all about – helping Deepu & Mara make a difference by donating a third of ALL profit from Wednesday to Monday.

Since 2018, with your help we’ve managed to raise enough money to send 230 girls to school. Let’s see if 2021 can be the year we beat that number!

Yakkin' with the Founder: 💗
A #FiorDiLotoFriday Special 💗

We welcome feedback, if you have any feedback please email