Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Be Making Bigger/Smaller Sizes?

We have recently added XL to 'The Original' range, after many requests. We're hoping to have a full spread of sizes across all the collections in 2018. We are working really hard to offer something for everyone, but it turns our there is around 40-50 size combinations that we could offer and I'm sure you can understand this would be impossible for a samll brand. We want something for everyone, and hope to add a Petitie range and a Tall range at some point in the future, but please be patient with us. We're really sorry if you're having to wait for your size, these things take time, but rest assured we are trying our best. We only have a small team of tailors which is growing everyday, and eventually we will get there. 

Will You Be Re-Stocking ................ ?

If an item is Limited Edition, we won't be re-stocking. Everything else will be re-stocked so you can click the "back in stock" button and give your email address and we'll notify you when its back.

Is My Plastic Mailing Bag BioDegradable?

We are in the middle of switching over to BioDegradable plastic mailing bags. It will take some time to finish the stock of non BioDegradable plastic mailing bags. The BioDegradable bags are clearly marked on the outside, so if your bag doesn't have any BioDegradable message printed externally then it is, unfortunately, still the old plastic and isn't BioDegradable.

Why Are There No Tags on Lucy & Yaks?

We want to reduce waste as much as possible and clothes tags are a part of this. We think its unnecassary so we've decided not to have them. As the climate change appears to be changing faster than anyone expected, its these small things that we need to work on, they'll eventually add up to big things.

Why Are Your Prices So Low?

The short answer is because we're not greedy. Its true that the quality of Lucy & Yaks surpasses most high street brands and the process of handmaking clothes costs considerably more than Chinese production lines, however we don't have shareholders or investors demanding huge profit margins. As long as everyone that helps to make Lucy & Yaks are happy then we can give you a price that you are happy with.

How Should I Wash My Lucy & Yaks?

All our Dungarees and Trousers (Except our Tilloras) can be washed on a 30 machine wash. Please wash and dry inside out. Please wash with like colours (dark clothes with dark clothes etc)

How Should I Wash My Tilloras?

Tilloras have been hand screen printed with bright colours, so a little more care is needed. Please hand wash in COLD water. You can use the hand wash setting on your machine providing it allows you to set it to COLD water, most machines do. Please wash and dry inside out. Please wash with like colours (dark clothes with dark clothes etc)

Is There A Way To Tie The Straps For Quick Release?

Yes, there is a quick release knot you can tie. When you make the knot, don't pull the end all the way through, just pull a loop through, like half a shoe lace. We'll try and make a video to demonstrate, when we get time. 

Do You Do Free Returns?

You get 28 days from the date you receive the item for a refund. We have to treat every customer fairly, this means every customer receives exactly the same service every time, without exception.

Please be sure to return your items in the same condition as you recieved them, if they come back looking worn (eg. screwed up in a ball) we will assume they have been worn and won't be able to process a refund.  For futher information please click here.

Do You Do Exchanges?

We can no longer do exchanges unfortunately. The process of exchange is just to complex for the this many orders. It was prone to mistakes and we found we were letting you guys down more often than giving you a good service. We now do 28 refunds, which we feel is a fair compromise.