Read more about our new sizes, pattern overhaul and partial numerical changeover at the bottom of the page! 

What size should I wear?

Our size guides are on each product page in both cm and inches. This is a body measurement guide so it's best to compare your own measurements against the ones on the chart. Our dungarees are designed to be a little oversized so if you’re in between sizes, we'd probably recommend sizing down, unless you'd prefer a super loose fit. 

Do you have plus size or petite ranges? 

We don’t currently have specific plus or petite ranges, in our core dungarees we are now stocking sizes XXS to XXL, which covers UK sizes 4 - 22. We are currently working on nailing the consistency of our sizing and the grading of the jumps between sizes. We'll be switching to numerical UK sizing gradually so will have more sizes for you to get the perfect fit, and our expanded sizes will be coming to much more of the range from SS20 (more info below). There is an instagram highlight here from Lucy which give you more information on this and some of our new sizes on lovely customers! 

What does 30” (R) and 32” (L) mean?

In our lots of our Dungaree styles and Alexa trousers we have two leg lengths. Most of our garments are suitable to be rolled to suit your height!

The 30” (R) and 32” (L) refers to the inside leg measurement, this is the measurement from inside the crotch to the ankle.

How to measure?


New sizing structure on some items - coming from Spring/Summer 20

To give some context for those who aren’t aware: we are having an overhaul of some of our sizing so that we can nail the consistency and size grading across the whole range, and accurately expand the number and the quality of the sizes and fits we offer. 

The sizing and some edits to the fit will be rolled out gradually over the next few months, but here are some specific changes to certain products:

(Most existing customers will just continue to buy their normal size as patterns aren't changing loads - we will give you more information when they actually drop.)

  • Easton will have equal grading, improved fit, bigger pockets, additional sizes (UK 6–22) and tall versions!
  • Luna will have additional sizes, equal grading and improved fit - a higher side seam so that the hip doesn’t sit so low.
  • Our baggier, elasticated items which can bridge sizes, e.g. Alexa Trousers, Sonny Sweatshirts and our Fleeces and T-shirts will remain S/M/L  etc.
  • Our more tailored trousers will continue to be sold in waist sizes and most will go up to 40”
  • Leg lengths: lots of our styles come in two leg lengths - in our numerical sizing, our 30" leg will now be labelled "R" (Regular) and our 32" Leg will be labelled "L" (Long) to avoid extra numerical confusion!

We had plans to change and even-out the grading for our Cord Original, Umi, and Limited Edition cut, but after months of back and forth, dodgy shapes, bad fits and a huge number of other complications (phew!) we had to make the call to stick with the pattern which a lot of you know and love - and just add more sizes on top of the existing ones. The sizes (20 and 22) have been developed in line with numerical UK grading, but would equate to our 3XL and 4XL.

For now, Atlas is only style not changing at all – in size, name or cut. From the beginning this pattern was graded by a professional denim grading factory and is a more relaxed fit anyway. We’ve had almost all perfect feedback on the fit, and our XXL in this cut does fit true to a UK 22, so we picked this one to stay the same.

Ismail has his own system different from the standard UK grading which is why our sizing has had discrepancies.

S, M L standardly have larger grading (jumps) between the each size, whereas numerical has more, smaller increments - so we can therefore offer more sizes (in most cases slotting in new sizes between ones which had large jumps) - so more people can find the perfect fit.

These changes are based on a mixture of feedback from customers, polls, returns, our store, production team, grading houses, product technicians, and factory practices. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for the largest amount of people to get the perfect fit!

Especially with full body pieces we found there is more discrepancy in the industry and between individuals on which side equates to a small or an XL rather than in numerical grading. (We found lots of stores aren’t even consistent between styles in the numerical sizing but it is generally the best way to achieve standardisation)

Ultimately we want to make it easier for new customers to navigate the sizes as well as improve the fit and consistency for existing customers – online and in-store – as we grow and expand.

All this will hopefully minimise lots of the time, disappointment and emissions involved with returns and ill-fitting items!


We know numbers aren’t perfect but they are less descriptive and biased - human bodies are much more than just Small, Medium, Large! 16 is now the UK average, so there have been calls to make this a medium in garment sizing – a nice idea but we thought this could make things even more confusing! We also considered creating our very own size and scale but we’re just not in a position to do this at the moment.

We know this will still mean differing sizes for EU and American conversion, however we were already needing to use conversion tables to show what a small S/M/L/equated to in each country sizing scale, so the same info will still be available.

We are also aware that these changes could give impression of clothes are no longer unisex, but this will never be the case. We will always continue to include models of all genders, tell you what size they’re wearing and include all conversion tables!


As we said, the actual size you buy probably won’t change. Ultimately we are now able to offer more sizes, more consistent fits and true-to-size, more gradual, equal increment grading – but we just wanted to keep you up-to-date and be transparent about what’s going on behind-the-scenes at Lucy and Yak!