🌱The demand for organic cotton is on the up… Finally! 🎉

🌱The demand for organic cotton is on the up… Finally! 🎉

You know we like to keep our Yak community in the loop here, and we’ve got news that we wanted to share with you all.

We’ve always made sure that we use organic cotton to make our Yaks, and so it’s been great to see more and more brands finally joining us and going organic as well!

There’s been a HUGE increase in demand for organic cotton and sustainable fibres across the world, which is definitely changing the fashion industry for the better.

It takes years to convert non-organic farm land to organic, this means It will take a few years for supply to catch up with demand, so we’ve had to adjust to make sure we can keep using the fabrics we love to use when making our Yaks.

We wanted to give you a heads up, because this means that our prices will be increasing slightly across all of our products by 3-5%, this will come into effect from the 1st August.

The good news?

  • We’re already exploring using other sustainable fabrics to ease our need for organic cotton, and to make our Yaks more unique for our customers (check out our wood fibre skirts)

  • (Spoiler alert!) We’re planning on opening more stores, so that our Re:Yak buy back initiative is available to more customers, meaning you can get money off your next pair when you return a used pair to us, watch this space!

  • A price increase = more Yaks points for our loyal community! We're changing the incentive so instead of 2 points per £1 - it's now 4 points per £1. Sign up to Yak points here.

  • Depop, (Im)perfect Yaks and Beyond Retro are still a great way to find the Yaks you want for less.

Your support means so much to us, and means we can keep supporting causes that are close to our hearts, from initiatives like Fior Di Loto all the way through to making sure we keep using fabrics that are kinder to our planet.

Below are a few FAQs, thank you so much for listening.

Why are prices rising?

  • We want to ensure we can keep creating AMAZING products that you love, without compromising on quality and our sustainable practices. Increasing our prices ensures that we can continue to do this.

How much will the prices rise by?

  • Prices are rising by a small percentage. It will vary depending on the product but we are trying to keep the increase to a minimum.

Is the price increase effective immediately?

This will be effective from the 1st August 2022.

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