Gentle wash
Please be kind to your yaks and only put them on a gentle wash. This will help prolong their life and keep them protected in the wash.

Wash before wear
As tempting as they are to put on straight away, please wash your denim in cold water before wearing, this allows any excess dye to be removed.

Before their first wash
Avoid wearing, sitting or laying on anything light. Denim is notoriously bad for dry rubbing (despite passing test reports) this is inevitable until you have washed your denim a few times.

Before every wash
Turn your jeans inside out if you want to keep the lovely colour, especially on dark and Indigo dyed ones.
Wash only when required. This will extend the life of your denim (and the planet).

Wash without softener
Adding softener to your denim will abrade them quicker than without softener.

After the wash, line dry
Tumble drying will wear the fabric down and reduce the life of your yaks so please dry your denim on the line.

Ripped denim?
Head over to re-Yak where there are a skilled team of Yakkers ready to help you patch up any unwanted holes.


As tempting as it is to drop the shoulder ties off your shoulders while they are still tied, this could lead to unnecessary pressure creating a stress point at the straps and underarm. Please undo these to remove your dungarees.


Wash your fleeces inside out. Please also use only a small amount of detergent, with fleeces and don’t use fabric softener. This can coat the fibres and change it’s texture.

Linen & Gauze

 Please be kind to your yaks and only put them on a gentle wash. This will help prolong their life and keep them protected in the wash.

Wash at 30 - Washing at a cooler temperature will clean your yaks whilst saving the environment and keeping your energy bills down.

Linen is a delicate fibre which needs taking care of, please make sure to be extra careful when washing, ironing and everything in between.

Viscose (Ecovera) Yaks

Viscose is a natural fibre and has the potential to move around in the wash, don’t worry it hasn’t shrunk!

In order to get the lovely shape of your garments back, please reshape whilst damp. If you need too, a cool iron on the reverse of the fabric should also help bring it back to shape.


Reshape your jersey items while they are still damp - then air dry them flat or on a hanger to achieve the best results and reduce creasing. They should need very little ironing; however, if you do need to iron your garments, be sure to do this on the reverse side on a low setting.

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