Lucy & Yak lovers in overalls - US edition!

Lucy & Yak lovers in overalls - US edition!

Here at Lucy & Yak, one of our favourite past times is spotting Yaks in the wild.

And there are Lucy & Yak lovers from all over the world, especially across the pond! I guess the appeal of ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly fashion is universal!

In this post, we wanted to honour our #yakfamily in US - the land of opportunity and colourful overalls (yes, that's right - that's what Yaks are called in US).

Happy Independence Day to our USA family, thank you for embracing our vision and joining us on our ethical fashion journey! So here are our top five American looks for Lucy & Yak overalls!

1) First up is the amazing Ashley C. Ford who is an American author, editor, speaker and host.

Ashley recently gave a fantastic and hilarious talk at the 99U Conference Stage; it's absolutely worth a listen. She manages to be funny and moving, light-hearted and profound all at once. And she wore her rainbow Yaks to deliver her talk! How great is that! And she explained why: “I wore these because although I don't have slides, I do want you to have the opportunity to be visually stimulated”.

She kept it classic with a grey top and sneakers (going for the US lingo there, hope you love it!). It's the perfect comfy, cool and captivating look for every event. So think about Yaks next time you are invited to give a talk!

2) Up next is the incredibly beautiful Noelle Downing. Her Instagram is full of amazing combinations of colour and shape. And it turns out she rocked her Yaks on her own visit to London. She is going for autumn colours and paired her Hawaiian Sunsets with a cream shirt, super cute flats and a coordinating bag.

I've noticed in a lot of the best Yak pictures people are highlighting the gorgeous colour of their dungarees with a matching bag. If you want to go completely matching, check out our totes; made from offcuts from the fabric used for the dungarees you can find the perfect match or go for something complimentary.

3) Lucy & Yaks are all totally unisex, and our next overall lover, Darryl Gradeint shows the guys how it's done. In fact, in this one, he's hitting the heights of the Double Yakker. He looks super-cool and also super comfy in his Bobbie Tee and Organic Originals.

4) I just had to include Tamia Blue in this list. She's a painter who says, “My paintings have always revolved around the power of the black female's physical form and the mental state of our community... I paint what I know, what I've felt and who I am”.

You can read more of what she says here and check out her work on Instagram too. She's really amazing! And she rocks her Yaks! She pairs her Rhoden with funky red trousers and trainers that pick out that gorgeous pink on the jacket. Add a contrasting animal print bag and you're set to go!

5) Finally, a big shout out to Lucy Spraggan, a talented singer and songwriter from London who is on her first US tour at the moment. Matching up her mustard Yak overalls with a cream top and a happy smile, Lucy looks like she is having awesome time in US. You can follow her adventures on Instagram, we are so no surprised her talent has been winning love on both sides of Atlantic!

As you can see, there are a lot of great looks for overall styling out there; browsing through Instagram is always fun and inspiring!

And fashion doesn't just have to look great; it can also do good, make a positive difference and be part of building a better world. Check out our own Insta feed for inspiration and fun and drop us a line to share your own look. Don't forget our Monday Mirror Selfie - you can win £25 L&Y tokens by tagging us in your pics, you can apply wherever you are!

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