How do you style your Lucy & Yaks?

Show us on Insta and you might get a share of £200 to spend on more Lucy & Yaks!!

For us, Lucy & Yak is all about spreading happiness. We see it as an incredible opportunity to share our happiness with you and all the wonderful people we are lucky enough to work with. So when we see photos of you happily wearing something we created, it absolutely makes our freakin' week! We also kind of think stuff is only really enjoyed when its shared. I know, radical ay!?!

So here's the deal.....

1. Tag us in your fabulous Lucy & Yak photos =

2. In the description, tell us what you're styling your Lucy & Yaks with and remember to @LucyandYak and #LucyandYak

3. On the 15th of EVERY month we'll pick our favourites.

4. Those favourites will get a share of £200 to spend on

Good Luck,