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Another great print in the Addisons, but they run smaller than usual

I love Addisons and have them in lots of colours - was really pleased to see this print! However, thank you to the other reveiwers who pointed out they run a size smaller than usual! I ordered one size up from my other Addisons and they fit the same as usual.

Love Love Love

Super comfy, a good first choice of jumpsuit

I wanted a L&Y jumpsuit for a long long time and I finally got one! Comfortable and easy to wear, I love it so much that I ordered one in an other print!

Little warning though, I had to size up 2 sizes (usually a size 24, size 28 is the most comfortable for me). But once you know, there's no big deal!

Comfy and good quality!

I love this t shirt, the pattern is really nice, it's heavy and feels like good quality.

5 Outta 5 ...BUT

Let me tell you a story dear reader. Its a tale of delightful dungarees and DECPETION. It all begins with a man (to protect his identity) named Lucy and a other man named Yak. (Also to protect his identity) so Lucy one day suggests during work that his group of best friends should all for one day wear some fancy dungarees. Lucy would describe how fancy, funny and fabtabolus the idea would be, even going as far as to say it would be quote "The most facilitating fearless fun of a fashionable fabulous frolic" Will...I MEAN Lucy would always use these five dollar phrases that could be easily if not more effectively expressed just by saying "it'll be fun" BUT THE DAY OF RECKONING would eventually arrive. I got myself a pair of *Lucy & Yak* tm sunflower dungarees which may I add looked both beautiful and disturbing on me according to my dad. So aka. They were perfect. One of my other friends also wearing a Lovely pair BUT where was Lucy? The one who started this tradition...Well not only did Lucy NOT buy a pair of dungarees. HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE AUDACITY TO COME INTO WORK! SO HERE I AM BEING THE ONLY PERSON WITH BRIGHT STYLISH DUNGAS LOOKING LIKE (LETS BE HONEST) THE MOST F***ABLE TWINK EVER WHILE HIS EXCUSE WAS

"They felt a bit tight around buttocks."

" I felt a bit sick so I HAD to just work from home "

"Dylan might come on to me...."

Coward. That's all I can say.

Now. Dear reader. This happened 3 weeks ago. Do you want to know something else....Willi...I mean Lucy has STILL not got himself a pair of Dungarees despite being alerted to your wonderful sale which may I add my other friend Lydia was quick to grab another pair of so god bless her. He shows ZERO REMORSE OR INTEREST IN EVEN GRABBING A PAIR NOW. I think you'll agree with that Lucy, quite frankly...doesn't deserve to live. Let alone have a stylish comfortable and overall lovely pair of Lucy & Yak Dungarees.

Thank you for salesmanship.


New discovery!

I purchased these in the sale and they fit beautifully. The denim is so soft I hope it stays this way. I’m generally a 10/12 but a size S fits great.

Soft and perfect under my Leos

Love this top, sized up so it wouldn't be too cropped and it's perfect.

Love love love

I barely take these off 😊 they are so comfortable and look great! I also love Lucy & Yak as a brand, and the customer service is phenomenal.

Love these!

I had no idea how much I'd love wearing these till I got them. So comfortable, baggy enough to get a jumper on underneath.
I live in them.

Very comfortable, I love the elasticated waist! As someone with chronic pain I love that they are yet another wonderful pair of trousers from Lucy & Yak that look smart but also provide comfort at the same time. It makes me feel more put together.

I'm 5'1 so they are a hair too long but once I have shoes on they are absolutely fine, I just roll them up when I'm moving around at home.

Love the colour and shape

Really love anything from Lucy&yak that is corduroy, and this did not disappoint either!

Very comfortable

You can wear it with a shirt underneath or by itself. Very lightweight but still not too thin. Maybe not for tall people.

Couldn't find the right size!

I tried two times with the Ragan Jumpsuit, but can't seem to find the right size. I am 5' with a very slim build, but could not seem to find the right size for me. The torso/shoulders seem to be incredibly tight despite the bottom fitting perfectly. Would have loved to have this pair fit, but the eating the cost of returns from the US to GB prevented me from a third attempt at making the Ragan jumpsuit work for me.

I always get compliments on these. They’re comfortable unlike most overalls. And the fabric is comfortable as well.

love it~!

i really like that you can wear sweaters under this jacket-- it's really roomy and doesn't make my arms feel like they're being squeezed :) the hood is huge but if you size down you should be fine if that's something that bothers you!


I’m so gutted that this jumpsuit ripped! I hadn’t even had the chance to wear it out once. I specifically bought this for an upcoming trip and when I tried it on with the outfit I had planned for it I bent down and the whole front ripped open! I was shocked as I feel for the price this should not happen.

Hi Leah,

Thanks for reaching out and leaving us a review on your Juni. We're really sorry to hear this has developed a fault. We will raise this feedback on to the team for you - We want to find a resolution for you as we can understand how disappointing this is. We will pop this response over by email, please send us some photos and your order number and we can go from there!

All the best
Lucy & Yak

Love them

Finally went for it and treated myself to the Maria print and my goodness do I love them! I'm about a size 12-14 and went for thr 14, they fit perfectly with just enough room to the on and off. Love them so much, super comfy and flattering.

Super comfy, but please size down!

I ordered my regular size, but I could have sized down 2 sizes and still been comfy!


I unfortunately ripped the pocket on the first ones I bought, so I'm happy it was restocked and I could buy a fresh pair! The other ones have been repaired but I still wanted new ones for fancier occasions.

New faves

These are now my new favourite dungarees they are CUTE and I had so many compliments

The flowers stay so well after washing I am so happy with them

A must buy

This is heaven in skirt form. I teach young children and they love it when I wear anything from Lucy and Yak because it is so colourful. Happy children and one extremely happy, comfy and colourful teacher. Thank you again Lucy and Yak ❤️


There were a few problems with the delivery of this product. I emailed Lucy and Yak straight away and they got back to me so quickly. This is a company that are so down to earth and are committed to the happiness of their customers. The T-Shirt itself is fantastic, comfy and everything you would want in a loose-fitting shirt. I LOVE IT ❤️❤️

Amazing jeans for curves

After trying on what feels like a million pairs of jeans, these have been a real winner. The small elasticated sections at the side of the waist make these so comfortable, but also make your waist visible.

Had the taken up as they were a bit long but I am only 5ft 1.
I wear them all the time, so flattering and comfortable.