sustainable fashion halloween campaign

Donations, partnerships and teams collaborating
to help support people and planet globally.

sustainable fashion halloween campaign

Thread Ahead Partnership -
Supporting Refugees

Thread ahead is one our partners in the UK providing refugees new clothing - rescuing surplus clothes and redirecting them to people with insecure immigration status.

Our ongoing annual donations support their continued work to help families and individuals who need it the most. 

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sustainable fashion halloween

Doctors without Borders -
Immediate support where it’s
needed the most

Updated March 2022:
We’ve made a £10k donation (in 2022) to Doctors Without Borders - an independent, global movement providing medical aid around the world to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.

‘It’s easy to write inspiring words that define an organization’s mission. It’s much harder to put those principles into practice. Since its founding in 1971, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has operated with a fierce commitment to independence, impartiality, and neutrality.

These principles are what make it possible for us to respond rapidly to emergencies and provide lifesaving medical care in situations where many other organizations can’t or won’t. This commitment ensures that we can help people who need it most, rather than following other priorities—whether they be those of politicians, funde​​rs, or the media.’

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sustainable fashion halloween

Fior Di Loto Foundation
- Sending girls to school in India

Updated March 2022:
For International Women's day, Fior Di Loto donated 150 sewing machines 🧵 to local women in the area, while starting a training programme that will not only help them develop a valuable skill, but enables them to aspire to set up their own businesses in the future.

The Fior Di Loto foundation is mainly focused on providing an education and improving the living conditions of more than 700 girls living in the villages surrounding Pushkar, Rajasthan, in the Northwest India.⁣ A region very close to our hearts! 💚

We first met the founders, Deepu & Mara, four years ago, and safe to say we were blown away by what they have achieved. 

With your help, we’ve donated enough money to send 220 girls to school in 2021, 110 in 2020, 84 in 2019 and 36 in 2018.

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sustainable fashion halloween campaign

4-Day / 30hr Working Week

Updated Feb 2022:
Our entire workforce switched to a
30hr/4-day working week in 2020.

"We believe working reduced hours, while keeping pay the same, has been a huge reason for our success in doing so," - Lucy Greenwood, Co-founder
of Lucy & Yak

"I feel more focused and 'on it' over four days, as opposed to five, and my productivity is actually increased during the shorter timeframe," - Elspeth, Lead Print Designer L&Y

sustainable fashion halloween

Ecologi contribution -
Planting trees & Funding impactful climate solutions

Updated March 2022:
- 30 months climate positive workforce
- 1,534.98T of carbon reductions
- 24,834 trees in our forest. 

We're founding members for Ecologi, who invest in projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than our own carbon footprint puts in. Planting trees, installing solar panels and wind farms, investing in infrastructure for communities all around the planet - they have projects in Chile, Madagascar, Kenya, China and Turkey to name a few. This way, each of our employees has become climate positive through the funding of Ecologi's projects  

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sustainable fashion halloween campaign

Anti-Racism - Our commitments 

Updated Oct 2021:
Lucy & Yak was founded on inclusivity and the empowerment of all individuals. We are committed to supporting community-led projects at every level, and we will continue to champion, actively participate in, and amplify the efforts of grassroots initiatives wherever possible. From donations to collaborations to workplace diversity training.

Currently our workplace diversity is 17.9% Black and non-black POC (of 102 employees), and we are running annual equality monitoring reports to continue tracking our progress. Although we have made improvements in this area, our work is ongoing. 

Supporting our LGBTQIA+ community 

In support of the wonderful people at Black Queer Travel Guide, we teamed up with four incredible Black queer artists from around the globe to create a collection of limited edition designs. 

100% of the profits from the collection went towards supporting the development of the first ever BQTG app - plus 3 donations to Black Queer Charities based across the globe, carefully chosen with input from BQTG’s steering group and the artists involved. 

We welcome feedback, if you have any feedback please email

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