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Size was completely wrong

I am a curvy girl (uk 16) and after doing quite a bit of research was convinced to buy a pair for Lucy and Yak jeans, thinking they would change my life! Unfortunately that was not the case!
I bought the 34(uk 16) after reading reviews and seeing that these are meant to fit true to size. When they arrived I was so excited to try on, only to find that they are basically two sizes too small! I was so disappointed and disheartening

Perfect fit

Lovely and comfy with a great fit!

My Favorite Pair of Jeans

I have had these jeans since 2020, and I wear them every week. After four years, they have become a bit worn down, but I think that's only because I wear them so much! However, they have far too many rips around the seams now to keep wearing so I need to get a second pair. If only my size was in stock :(

Love the shape

Love the shape of these on me and love the leg width

Most complimented item I own

I wore this for the first time today and got four compliments at work and one from a man on the bus. Very generous pockets and comfortable to wear.


best trousers I own, comfy and great fit. long length was perfect for me being 5'10 and look great rolled up :)

Looks great and feels great!

This fit is perfect and looks so good on! They're so comfy and cosy and I feel so confident wearing them, which is a big statement as I struggle feeling confident in any of my clothes!
Massive thank you to the lovely staff at the Manchester store too, they were so friendly and helpful and made me feel so welcome! I would recommend these dungarees and a visit to the Manchester store to anyone and everyone!

I am impressed

I fell in love with this print and had to have it. On reception it is definitely more sturdy than i expected, the straps are padded and the soW is just perfect!

Just wow!

I have been wanting to try a Ragan for a while but didn’t want to spend a lot. They seem more shaped for the female shape but I really love these colours. I got the biggest size available and I can fit a long sleeve top under it without it looking weird and bulky. I’m a 5’9 so it’s a bit cropped on me but I make it work. It was totally worth it for the Spring Clean reduced price! So happy!

spring trousers!

my favourite trousers for spring, insanely comfy and perfectly lightweight. love!

Love it :)

It's the perfect lightweight jacket. Really comfy, and the collar and buttons allow you not to get cold if it's windy. A warning though: many people say that the sizing and fit are weird. I'm around size small in pants and around a medium in shirts/jackets. Ordered a small and it's still pretty oversized. I'm around 5'4 and generally a smaller person, but I have broader shoulders and a bigger chest and there's still a lot of room. And I could definitely go for an XS if I wanted to. The sleeves are really long, some people like them this way but I just cuff them. The material is pretty thin, but that's kinda what I was looking for. I love the color - I always wear really colorful, vivid clothes so if I don't want my jacket/coat to clash, it usually has to be black. And I don't really like dressing in black, so the brown is a really nice alternative. The jacket is not waterproof, but it has a hood so it'll protect you just fine for a few minutes before you hide from the rain. I guess umbrellas are an option, too, but it's not really a thing everyone carries around at all times.
Anyway, it's a really nice jacket <3

Nice little purse

Wanted a small purse for essential cards... I still like to take one out with me!!! Ideal to fit in a pocket!

I love the colour!

This is my first plain Maggie. I have 3 patterned ones. I really love the fit of these. I am 5’5 and I find this to be the perfect length for me when I have shoes on. I would recommend sizing up to whatever size you get in a Ragan. I am a 16-18 with a big bottom and bust and I get a 20. I love the colour it’s a lovely warm autumnal shade!

Fab trousers

Bright,comfy wash well and don’t even need ironing u

comfy but huge

i would normally get a medium but online only had size large remaining. definitely noticeably a bit big however absolutely still wearable. the fabric isn't quite what i expected, its nice and thick but it reminds me of canvas or a tote bag you might customise. seems like the perfect jacket to dye or paint on though.


So pleased to bag a pair of these in the sale.

Love these!

These are beautiful and so comfy! I like how I can dress them up by wearing a lovely white shirt with a large collar.

Re-yak pack.

First time buying a re-yak pack and I wasn't disappointed. Really good value, lots of different types of fabric and different patterns. Would definitely buy again.

Simple but classic

Just a simple little balck bag but very practical and goes with everything

Great Jeans

Super comfy, good fit jeans that look great!

Soho Close Fitting Jeans: ORGANIC DENIM - Mid Wash Blue

I've recently put on some weight and I'm in between sizes 10-12, so I'm glad I decided to go for the 12. Even though the waist is a bit too loose, I'm not sure my hips and calves would have made it in a size 10. Also, this might not be the best/most flattering fit for my height - 5'2". I needed some close fitting jeans and these will do, but I will have to conceal the waist/inseam situation with longer shirts or t-shirts. As usual, great quality and a nice mid wash hue.

Love Soho jeans

I just love these jeans - I have 2 pairs now. They look good and feel good, what more do you want?

Dana Mom Jeans: ORGANIC DENIM - Mid Wash Blue

Spring Clean bargain

I bought a Gloria in the Xmas sale in my usual size but it was too sung so ended up returning it. I ordered the Vera in 2 sizes up and I absolutely love it- it’s big enough to be extra comfy but not so big that it looks like I’m wearing a sack. I love the print and the cord is so soft and comfy