The Seeded Tag Collection with Sonia Sethi 🌱

The Seeded Tag Collection with Sonia Sethi 🌱

Meet Sonia, our Head of sourcing & our supply chain based in India 🌏 We sat down with her for our latest edition of Yak Staff Selects 💚 She’ll tell you we've wanted to do a seeded tag for aaaaages (Veg AND Yaks? Yes please), so we're super happy to have a great collection of Yaks going out with our lovely tags attached.

Hi Sonia, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what your role is at L&Y and when you started?

My name Sonia Sethi and I carry almost 23 years of experience in the apparel industry. I have been working with Lucy & Yak since 2017 and became the Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain at the company in 2019.

As head of sourcing and supply chain for L&Y, what do you most enjoy about your role?

My work is my passion and with Lucy & Yak I am living my passion freely. It is a lovely experience to work in a multi- cultural environment which helps me to work effectively with international peers and a strong supplier base.

We recently introduced products with seeded tags, can you tell us what seeded tags are?

The process of making these tags is very simple. It starts from gathering old paper to turning it into a pulp for seeding. After the plant pulp is dried to make plantable paper, it is cut and decorated as per the necessary requirements (we used tomato seeds). This process doesn’t need any special technology or equipment which is handy. By using these plantable seed tags, we demonstrate that our brand is committed to preserving the environment.

Where did the idea come from and do you have insight on how seeded tags are created?

Yes, it is a very interesting story. My son had gone for a birthday party (before COVID) and got gifted a seeded paper diary. Lucy, Chris and I were going to a factory so I showed them this booklet and we’ve been aiming to create them since then. It’s lovely to see it come to life!

What are your top tips for planting seeded tags?

There is just one thumb rule which is: do not sow the seed very deep!

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