How to tie straps on your dungarees

How to tie straps on your dungarees

How to tie your L&Y dungaree straps!

This is a question we get asked a lot. The tie-straps are part of the signature Lucy and Yak look but how do you get the straps into those cute bows? Look no further, here are our favourite tying tips!

There are heaps of different ways to tie your straps but everyone's favourite is the bows! They look tricky but actually they are really easy. Ellis Jade has a fab video explaining why she loves her Lucy and Yak dungarees and showing us how she ties her bows.

 Don't forget though, L&Y dungarees are all about being your own unique you! That's one way to tie them, but there are plenty of other ways.

 Jenn of #Inthewanderyears wears hers tied and tucked for a neat look in her Originals.


Another great styling video is on KatesBeautyStation. Kate shows how great any pair of Lucy and Yak's looks with the straps just tied in simple knots.

Do you remember the time our co-founder Lucy showed everyone at the Brighton store how to tie their straps? We have so much fun in the shop in Brighton. Pop on down and we can give you a hand with tying your straps if you need it!


Have you found some creative ways of tying your straps? Tag us in your Insta posts and we can share your ideas too!