We are super excited to announce that the roll-out of our new size range will start in the coming weeks!!
Even better news… As you know, we originally committed to a size range of UK6-UK28. We’re actually going to go beyond that and go up to size UK32 (4XL) in some styles this Spring, more styles by Summer and all styles by Autumn/Winter 2021!
Check out our video announcement here, see timeline below.
Our amazing garment tech team in the UK, Sue and Rebecca, have been working flat out alongside our product team Beatrice & Jasmine and Sonia our supply chain manager in India, to ensure that we get this right. Grading sizes is a complicated process and takes numerous attempts and fit sessions to get that perfect fit across all sizes. Our Original Dungaree was hand-graded by Ismail when Lucy & Yak was born, three and a half years ago, before we were aware of the complex art-form of technical grading. Sue and Rebecca therefore had to start from scratch with this particular piece, this means they had to make adjustments to every size of Original that we currently offer whilst also adding new sizes up to size UK32/4XL. We are loving our new and improved fit so much more, but we want to make sure you do too. For that reason, in our Original, we are releasing a Gorgeous new print, and one of our best-selling corduroy colours in the new sizes trial run in the coming weeks. These two designs are currently the only Originals coming through which include the new sizes and the the existing sizes in the revised fit - while we collate the feedback from you on the new fit and the new sizes to make sure we’re getting it right - before full roll-out later in the year.
Even more fab news….. these two pieces will be available at a reduced price and we will give a £10 gift voucher to anyone that is kind enough to give us feedback on the fit. More details when they launch.
Sue & Rebecca successfully added additional sizes to all other styles with only minor tweaks to the current sizing, therefore we’re confident these are perfect.
Here is the launch timeline you’ve all been waiting for……
April – May 2021
Original Dungarees - New Sizes trial and improved fit in Smile Print & Sea Blue Corduroy both in sizes UK6 - UK32
Atlas Dungarees - Available in sizes XS - UK30
Easton Dungarees - Available in sizes UK6 - UK32
Juni Boilersuit – Available in sizes XS – 4XL
Maya Tee – Available in sizes XS – 3XL
Benny Tee – Available in sizes XS - 3XL
Rey Top - Available in sizes XS - 3XL
June – July 2021
Luna Dungarees - Available in sizes UK6 - UK28
Timmy short Dungarees – Available in size UK6 - UK28
Adele Shorts – Available in sizes UK6 – UK32
Mini Pini – Available in sizes XS – 3XL
Freyja Midi Pini – Available in sizes XS – 3XL
August – September 2021
Umi Dungarees– Available in sizes UK6 - UK32
Alexa Trousers– Available in sizes XS - 4XL
Autumn – Winter 2021
All Original Dungarees (including prints) – Coming in sizes UK6 - UK32
Cole Jeans – Coming in sizes UK6 - UK32
Olly Jacket – Coming in sizes XS – 3XL
Greta Tee - Coming in sizes XS – 3XL
All other Jeans/Bottoms/skirts – Coming in sizes UK6 - UK32
Stevie & Blake Fleeces - Coming in sizes XS – 4XL
All sweaters - Coming in sizes XS – 4XL
All other Boilersuits - Coming in sizes  XS – 4XL
We are aiming to have all products available in UK6(XS)-UK32(4XL) by Autumn/Winter 2021
Below is our size chart for all new fits:
We are also looking to add size UK4 (XXS) to more products throughout the year
We are also reviewing our Tall & Petite offerings and will update you when we have more details 
As with all supply chains, things can be delayed, so we will give regular updates on any changes to the above
We want to thank you all for your patience and support while we work hard to be a better and more inclusive community.