Artists #InMyYaks

Artists #InMyYaks

We chat about all things artist collaborations (and tips for putting your work out there!)

Whether it's working with established names or giving a rising star a platform, we LOVE to collaborate with artists on new prints – bringing together distinctive personalities and styles that represent the Yak spirit while keeping things feeling fresh and exciting.

But how do we find all these talented people?

We chat to our print designer Natasha about the process:

“A big part of my job is to find incredible creatives to work with on new prints that will feature on our limited edition pieces! I love the process of discovering new and emerging artists and seeing people's individual styles of working. I try to look for designers who create something we haven't seen before, someone who embodies Lucy & Yak and what we believe in as a brand! I feel that all of our artist collaborations have showcased something different and this is so important, showing individuality through design means that our customers get to choose prints that express different parts of them! From fun, joyful florals to strong, fierce tiger prints - our artists have shown us some outstanding work!"

Artists Collaborations are something Lucy & Yak pride themselves on, working with external artists and promoting creatives is so important to us!

Want to work with brands & put your work out there? Here’s Natasha’s top tips for artists:

  • Instagram is your best friend - make a separate creative instagram account and make sure you post your best work! This is your creative portfolio for the world to see so make sure you are showing us your finest pieces
  • Stand out! - Do something different, try and find something that you don’t often see! Show me what you are passionate about and why you stand out from the rest
  • Put yourself out there - There are so many amazing creative platforms that you can upload your work on for free! When I am searching for new artists I often look at Dribble, Linkedin, New Designers & Instagram. But also have some fun, go to creative fairs and share your work with the world!
  • Networking - Use your social media to follow, like & share the love! We all know that the algorithm means we often get overlooked on social accounts, so make sure to engage with others, this way you are not only promoting yourself but you are showing some love for your fellow creatives!
  • Stay on the lookout - Brands like L&Y often share opportunities to get involved, via freelance work or purely through a hashtag! Share your work and put yourself out there, you never know where an opportunity could lead! Maybe one day we will see your prints on a dungaree!!

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