All Our Clothes are designed by us, Chris and Lucy, in the UK. The final product is brought to life with the help of our fantastically talented tailor, Ismail, in North India

Everything we make is 100% handmade. We have highly skilled tailors, that have been tailoring all of their adult life. Because they hand make everything, they see each piece through from start to finish. They take pride in every piece they make. In addition to this, when something is handmade as opposed to production lined, You get tiny differences to every piece. They're not usually noticeable, but they are there. Your Lucy & Yak is a one of its kind.

We always design Lucy & Yaks with comfort and style in mind. Which means all of our designs are practical. However they are designed and made as a fashion item, we don't make clothing to endure tough terrain and hard graft, they are made to make you look awesome. Please bear this in mind when ordering. Dungarees have always been a work wear item and so denim versions can be much more hard wearing and more up to the job. 

We only use 100% Cotton in most of our garments, and we are gradually switching all of our cotton to Organic cotton. Cotton is biodegradable as it is a natural plant, therefore it is better for the environment than polyester and other synthetic fibres, the processes involved in making synthetic fibres are harmful and polyester is not biodegradable, meaning it will sit in landfill for years and year. Cotton isn't perfect if produced on a huge scale it can use a lot of water to grow the crops and takes over vast land, but it is one of the better options out there, and Organic is even better again. Cotton can need a little more care, and attention from the wearer to help it last longer.... 

To care for your Lucy & Yaks it is important to follow the washing instructions, cotton can shrink if washed on a heat this is too high, and you must never tumble dry. Cotton is a soft, yet durable fibre so feels lovely on your skin and is breathable. It can be prone to pilling so it is really important that the size you buy is correct, this will prevent unnecessary abrasion, such as between the legs. Our dungarees, for example, are all designed to be loose fitting, the light weight ones and the corduroy ones will eventually start to bobble if they are rubbed together too often. To help your clothing to last longer please make sure you are choosing the correct size. If they are designed to be a loose fitting product then this is how they should fit, as we choose our fabric based upon the design. If you find they don't fit like this on you, then we would advise you to size up. If you are unsure what size to go for, ask us, we love to chat. All we want is for you to get the most out of your Lucy & Yaks, we want them to last. 

We work really hard to create pieces that you can't find anywhere else. Pieces that you love wearing and you look fabulous in. We want the quality to be incredible. We want the guys making it to enjoy making it. If theres anyway you think we can improve on this, please get in touch, we can only get better.

Thank you for supporting us and Ismails rural Indian village.


Lucy & Chris