All Our Clothes are designed by us, Chris and Lucy, in the UK. The final product is brought to life with the help of our fantastically talented tailor, Ismail, in North India

Our clothing is all made in rural North India by Ismails small family run business. More a group of friends from the same village than a business. It's been such a joy to grow alongside this awesome group of friends. When we first started working with Ismail, it was him and his two best friends. He now has fourteen tailors.

Everything we make is 100% handmade. This means there are no soul destroying production lines with depressed workers making small parts of the finished piece. We have highly skilled tailors, that have been tailoring all of there adult life. Because they handmake everything, they see each piece through from start to finish. They take pride in every piece they make. The smiles on there faces when we tell them how happy you all are with the quality of their work makes all of this worthwhile. In addition to this, when something is handmade as opposed to production lined, You get tiny differences to every piece. They're not usually noticeable, but they are there. Your Lucy & Yak is a one of its kind.

We only use 100% Cotton. Every Lucy & Yak piece is Cotton and only Cotton.

We work really hard to create pieces that you can't find anywhere else. Pieces that you love wearing and you look fabulous in. We want the quality to be incredible. We want the guys making it to enjoy making it. If theres anyway you think we can improve on this, please get in touch, we can only improve.

Thank you for supporting us and Ismails rural Indian village.


Lucy & Chris